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about us

about us

Our philosophy is based on individual well-being in the truest sense. We believe that quality of life care for each resident is unlocked by creating the components of a lifestyle that they feel is right. Through personal and nursing care, recreation and activities, and quality food and dining, we’re putting our residents' happiness and health at the heart of our philosophy.

brighterkind has 70 care homes geographically spread between Inverness to Jersey.  A total of 3,780 registered beds and over 4000 team members offer a mixture of nursing, residential, dementia and palliative care to mainly frail and elderly residents.

The brighterkind concept is focused on offering a real home with real people that care. We underpin the brighterkind experience with three signature elements: Extraordinary care; Recreation and activity; Food and dining.

In the period April 2016 to April 2017, brighterkind leveraged a ground breaking cultural change programme and brand promise we call ‘Love Every Day’. We built on our core values (developed for and by our team) to create our brand balloon and deliver success across every aspect of our business. Our ambition was to achieve significant business success by a focus on helping our team and residents to love every day.

VALUES: Positive team culture

Underpinning our change and ability to achieve against our goals is a set of values, created by our team that encapsulates what we want the business to be. Our Values were created by talking to managers and team members, asking them what they would like to see that would represent this new way of managing care. These values were ‘tested’ in our homes by asking the team members how they would interpret them and how they would influence behaviour. These five values sit at the heart of everything we do and are revolutionising the way that brighterkind is managed.  Our values are: Keep it simple, Sort it, Do it from the heart, Choose to be happy and Make every moment matter.

PACESETTERS – involving people throughout the business to drive culture change

‘Pacesetters’ are selected to perform the role of cultural Love Every Day champions. These volunteers spend two days training, and then go back to their homes and deliver the same training to their colleagues. The training focuses on behaviours, language, and team interaction. To date we have trained over 300 volunteers who range from Home Manager to Laundry Assistant. Pacesetters need no prior experience, only a passion and energy to make their care home the best and to deliver Love Every Day training. We held a Gala Dinner and experience to recognise the contribution of our Pacesetters along with a Pacesetter of the Year award event to recognise excellence in those people who have gone above and beyond.

The Pacesetter cultural role involves delivery of a cultural training programme called ‘Love Every Day’ which covers topics such as: becoming a brand, our values and behaviours, first class service for visitors to the home, pulling together as a team, role of positive language and basic sales techniques. All this is delivered in short modules of 30 minutes and is all activity-based without slides or handouts; examples are ‘positive language bingo’, ‘football team web’ and ‘sketch your role against the brighterkind values’.


We use net promoter score (NPS) to measure success in both team engagement and resident experience. This is measured using answers to the question 'How likely or unlikely would you be to recommend this home to friends and relatives?' It is calculated by subtracting the proportion of customers scoring 0 to 6 (detractors) from the proportion scoring 9 and 10 (promoters).

On our customer NPS we scored 50.0 in 2017, a really strong performance and significant improvement on our NPS of 41.5 in 2016.  This is an outstanding achievement that is best in sector and outstanding when compared with other sectors such as hospitality and general company NPS scores.

Our team engagement NPS increased from -3.6 to 12.9 – with more employees strongly agree that we are delivering our values. In 2017 we proactively encouraged high levels of response to our team engagement survey so that we could get the best possible measure of how are team were feeling and how they were embracing the changes in the organisation. The results were spectacular with a 70% completion which was 4 times that of 2016 (3745 people completed compared with 889 the previous year). The results showed a 10% improvement in our ‘pride to work for brighterkind’ score and a 16.5% increase in our NPS (net promoter score). 90% of our team believe that we are delivering all of our values. For the first time, the team came together to raise money for Children in Need. The Wishing Wheels fundraising approach involved a cycle relay from Inverness to Jersey and involved all 70 care homes and our nursery and a cycle ride of over 2000 miles. The brighterkind

brighterkind has demonstrated that a commitment to deliver behaviours that support our values and brand promise to ‘Love Every Day’, can reap huge benefits for residents, their families and the business as a whole:

Our Care Homes are registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission in England, the Care Inspectorate in Scotland and the States of Jersey website in Jersey.

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