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food and dining

For health and happiness

Our meals are made to make you feel good. Our extensive research into nutrition and diet means our menus are tailored to promote good health at this stage of life – they’re varied and full of locally sourced high quality ingredients. If you have any special dietary requirements, or preferences, please let us know and we’ll cater to them completely.

Restaurant-style dining

Our dining rooms are always set to restaurant standards, with daily menus for you to make your selection, and wine served with dinner. It’s a popular social time in our homes, where residents come together to share stories and enjoy the delicious food.

There’s always a choice for every course and there are snacks and light meals available any time. You decide where and when you eat, and are welcome to invite friends and family to join you, at a small charge.

An insight into how our menus are developed.

Our brighterkind menus change daily on a 4 week cycle of seasonally balanced dishes. The 4 week cycle is changed twice a year through a very robust process.

Every home conducts a resident engagement session to gather all of the essential information from our residents on likes & dislikes on our current menu and any other information they can supply to help us develop the next menu.

Based on this information a new menu template is developed and augmented with seasonal and family favourites. The first draft of the menu is then produced and this goes to the National Chef Forum Group where it is discussed in detail.If there are new dishes that have been requested by our residents the Chef Forum will then develop a recipe for each dish. If there are local dishes that have been requested by our residents that may not fit on a national menu,  the same process is followed except we would go back to the home that made the request to see if we can establish what is the local way of making this dish, this dish would then be placed on the specials menu.

When the menu has been agreed, it is checked by our dietician to ensure that we have met all of the current legislation and guidelines each dish will carry an individual recipe card that must be analysed to ensure we have all the up to date allergens information.

We also have a Specials Menu which is run alongside the main menu to allow chefs to personalise their service to their residents needs.

The result is a great dining experience with meals for our residents to look forward to. 


Have a look at an example of a daily menu. 

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