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Magic Moments Club Sports

Magic Moments Club Sport

At brighterkind, we’re passionate believers in the social, physical and mental benefits of sport. Our residents enjoy games such as bowling, cricket, football and volleyball. As well as being fun and sociable, they boost all-round wellbeing and help to maintain a healthy lifestyle or for those who find conventional sports a bit of a challenge, we have developed ingenious ways to join in the fun - from the comfort of an armchair!

For example, Clock Cricket and Armchair Volleyball are both team games based on the principles of the original sports. They develop balance, hand-eye coordination, and upper body strength and flexibility. The same applies to Slipper Soccer. Like the real thing, it tests familiar skills such as passing and penalty shoot-outs, with the benefit of developing lower body strength, coordination and balance.

For people with mobility challenges these games bring a whole new dimension to exercise, making them fresh and exciting. Even people who have been inactive for many years like to join in the fun, and feel sharper and more confident as a result.

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