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our resident satisfaction survey

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For the last four years brighterkind have conducted an annual residents and relatives satisfaction survey using TLF and independent market research specialist. This survey gives us vital feedback from our customers on how we are performing in all our homes up and down the country. The results are analysed and each of our homes are asked to share the results with residents and relatives and to develop action plans aimed at addressing any areas that need improvement. Our Home Managers will then communicate what has been done to our residents and relatives in  a 'You Said We Did' format.

Highlights of the 2018 survey are given below:

The service provided by the care team8.9
The way team members treat you with kindness, dignity and respect9.1
The opportunity for privacy when required9.0
The friendliness of team members9.1
The way team members treat you as an individual9.1
The atmosphere in the home8.6
General cleanliness of the the home8.7
Overall quality of care provided8.8
Overall satisfaction with food and dining8.2
Overall satisfaction with recreation and activity experience8.2

Here is a short video that explains our Customer Satisfaction Survey


  • It is easy for customers to score as they often familiar with this scale as a measurement of performance.
  • The scale is a more accurate indicator of performance because it is more granular, providing more scoring options (10 options, rather than 5).
  • A 1-10 scale is more sensitive than a 5 point scale and more likely to shift when performance improves. This is good news as it means if an organisation improves its performance the score will be more to reflect this change.

Net Promoter score

  • We also employ a loyalty measure known as net promoter score (NPS). This is measured using answers to the question 'How likely or unlikely would you be tp recommend this home to friends and relatives?' It is calculated by subtracting the proportion of customers scoring 0 to 6 (detractors) from the proportion scoring 9 and 10 (promoters).
  • brighterkind scored 48.1 in 2018, a really strong performance which compares really favourably with organisations across a wide range of sectors.


To watch a short film about our Customer Satisfaction survey, please click on the video below.

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