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At brighterkind we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we’re passionate about creating vibrant, stimulating activities that will help our residents to love every day. We call them: ‘Magic Moments’.

WELCOME TO THE Magic Moments Club

Every brighterkind home now has a Magic Moments Club which provides a vast range of activities and fun things to do that are open to all of our residents.

The idea behind Magic Moments is that just because someone moves into a care home doesn't mean that the things they love doing should suddenly stop – quite the contrary, we believe our residents should have the opportunity to love every day, by doing the things that they have always loved as well as trying new things along the way.

Magic moments are unique to each individual and so it is important that the Magic Moments programme reflects this, tailoring activities to meet each resident’s individual needs in the best possible way, whilst at the same time enjoying the company of others.



Our Magic Moments Club Co-ordinators, get to know our residents really well and will seek to provide an ever-changing programme of events and activities tailored to the needs of our residents and aimed at improving their wellbeing in terms of their mind, body and soul.

The Magic Moments Club team run a ‘Welcome to the Week Meeting’ for our Residents and families so that everyone knows what is coming up and can start looking forward to their favourite Magic Moments!

Our daily and weekly Magic Moments Club programmes are posted on our notice boards and residents and their families can take part as they wish. We also run monthly Magic Moments Club themed events where we encourage families and our local community to take part.

Keep an eye on our pink noticeboards for regular updates of events and activities happening in our home. Our Magic Moments Scrap Books can be found on our reception and are full of pictures and stories from our events, activities and outings! 

Activities Board    Scrap Book



The Magic Moments Club focuses on our residents’ interests, so each day is a hive of different activities – ranging from art, gardening and baking, to dancing, puzzles and movie nights.

We use digital technology for on-screen quizzes, news and entertainment, and our team has also created an exclusive MAGIC MOMENTS CLUB APP.  

Magic Moments Club App

This innovation puts all the possibilities of social media, events, happenings, video calls, digital content and special personalised areas into the hands of our residents. We also take the magic outdoors, encouraging our residents to get out and about with trips to theatres, pubs, galleries, gardens and local events. A steady stream of interesting people also come into our homes, from local artists and musicians to animal therapists and beauticians.

Our home is situated in the countryside so we have lovely country views including fields of sheep, we have a pond which attracts wildlife and we take the residents on lovely country walks to the lock where we watch the boats enter the lock and come out the other side; walks happen at least once a week weather permitting.  In Tewkesbury itself there is a park by the river called Victoria Gardens where you can have a picnic, which we sometimes do with residents, you can also watch the boats make their way down the river.

Tewkesbury Fields also has several local churches:

The Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin, a 7th Century church with the finest Norman Tower in England.

The Methodist Chapel

The Baptist Church

Salvation Army

More locally we have St Peter’s Church in Bushley


Visitor attractions locally are:

The Roses Theatre, where we take residents to watch films and theatre productions and concerts ( a quick taxi ride into Tewkesbury in the evenings or the minibus, subject to availability during the day up to 4pm).

There are lots of shops in Tewkesbury and its many small lanes are lovely to explore.

Sheridons Golf Centre

The Severn Ham, a flood plain surround on three sides by river and where you can take lovely walks.

Showborough House and Sculpture Gardens

Croft Water Park, where you can camp/take your caravan and stay as well as visit for the day

The Old Baptist Chapel, built in 1720 and now used as the Baptist Chapel

Croombe House, a National Trust property

Puckrup Hall, where you can stay and where there is a spa and leisure facilities

Tewkesbury Leisure Centre.

We are also near Cheltenham Spa town, Gloucester with its lovely Gloucester Docks, Visitor Centre,  Shopping Outlet and Waterside Museum and Worcester, famous for being the birthplace of the composer  Elgar.

See our Magic Moments Club App in action below!



Did you know that in a recent survey 60% of people said that they had never had a wish come true? At brighterkind we want to put this right with our Wishing Wells programme, just like 99 year old Muriel in the photo below, who's wish was granted to fly Up, Up and Away, in a hot air balloon!


Hot air flight



Our programme encourages all-round wellbeing. The activities focus on keeping the mind sharp and agile, the body fit and mobile, and the spirit lively and engaged through entertainment, challenges, discoveries and personal interests.

Find out more about our fun and unique range of armchair sports in our 


Magic Moments Club Sport



As well as introducing an even greater focus on nature and fresh air activities we are also focusing on relaxation and music. Just one of these exciting developments is the creation of a choir or singing group in every home.



Taking advantage of sunny days and getting out into the fresh air is so important and we aim to make regular use of our gardens and outside spaces, and includes a range of trips and excursions. Getting close to nature by doing a little gardening or bird watching can really lift the spirits, so we’re working with local organisations and communities to make even more of activities in our gardens.

We also offer trips out, although it’s not always about going far afield. Many of our residents want to visit local attractions or to pop to the shops. We do our very best to make sure these interests and wishes are fulfilled. Click here to see examples of brighterkind TRIPS OUT.



You can download our full Magic Moments Programme, here.

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