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Care Home Activities

We have plenty to keep our residents busy. Find out about our latest care home activities and what care home living is like at brighterkind.

Creating a 'bee-kind' habitat

At this time of year these clever creatures are already looking for food and shelter to make a home for the coming months. Join us in helping our buzzy friends by creating the perfect bee hotel.

Not to be underestimated, bumble bees have one of the most important jobs in our eco system – pollinating vast numbers of flowers and crops for the benefit of their fellow animals and us humans too. In fact, without their services, many of our wildflowers and crops such as beans, peas, raspberries and tomatoes would struggle to reproduce.

Art Exhibition for Ukraine

Resident Phillip, here at Clarence Court Care Home, has always been passionate about art and is a noted collector. So when he heard that 120 Scottish artists were holding a gallery of their work to raise money for Ukraine he was very eager to see it.

Magic Moment Coordinator, Steven, arranged to get Phillip to the Pentagon centre in Glasgow to view the exhibition and where he got a catalogue of the exhibition and received a photographic print to add to his collection.