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Music and singing

Our care home activities include putting on shows, singing, dancing, and enjoying wonderful music. Find out about our musical activities and events below.

brighterkind partner with Rock Choir

brighterkind is delighted to announce a partnership with Rock Choir on a new inclusive project to bring the joy of performance singing into the daily lives of its care home residents and care teams.

Residents at brighterkind care homes across the UK will be taking part in rehearsals with bespoke tutorials provided by Rock Choir, the UK’s largest contemporary choir, ahead of live performances before an audience of family, friends and members of the local community, throughout the autumn.  

Thank you for the music

Ashbourne Court Care Home put on a special performance to make a resident's wish come true. 

Our resident Nicola is passionate about music, especially ABBA’s classics from the 70s and 80s. Therefore, it was no surprise when Nicola made a Wishing Well request to see an ABBA tribute act. Unfortunately, due to the current covid-19 restrictions we couldn’t take Nicola out of the home to see a performance. However, that didn’t stop us from finding a way to make her wish come true!  

Summer singing bus

Ivybank House Care Home were thrilled to have a garden performance by Age UK’s Summer Singing Bus.  

Age UK have organised a Summer Singing Bus to help bring some joy during these challenging times, especially to those who are unable to see family and friends. We were thrilled when Laura from Age UK and Banes contacted us to see if we would like a garden performance to bring some sunshine our way. Of course we were quick to take them up on this offer and we were touched by the lovely gesture. 

Residents enjoy garden sing along!

Residents at Ashbourne Court Care Home recently had a very special performance from the garden, it was the fabulous Dave Dawson!

Dave has come and performed for us before and his singing goes down very well amongst our residents. Our residents were very excited to see him perform again and luckily the English weather didn’t disappoint so we all enjoyed some sunshine too. Dave is not just good at singing, he’s funny too, we missed his witty jokes, banter and encouragement to sing along. We all had so much fun, the doors and windows were open for any residents who were unable to come down to the garden.

Ivybank celebrate VE Day!

Residents at Ivybank House Care Home came together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

The Magic Moments Club team organised a street party for the residents to attend with lots of delicious food. We ate great food and our residents shared what they could remember of the war or VE Day with each other which really nice to hear. We watched the celebrations that were on the TV and listened to some wartime music which was really fun to sing and dance along to.

VE Day fun!

Residents at Henleigh Hall Care Home recently had a brilliant afternoon celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Our wonderful team all dressed up in clothing from that era and our Home Manager Lindsey, threw a bit of a curveball and dressed up as a black out which confused a few of us! Our residents loved seeing everyone all dressed up for the occasion and it evoked many memories and great conversations throughout the day. We all joined the 11am silence to remember those who fought for us.

VE Day celebrations!

Residents at The Lawns Care Home celebrated the 75th anniversary of VE Day with a wonderful street party!

Our wonderful Magic Moments Club team arranged the whole thing, we had loads of great decorations all around the home including flags, balloons and banners. We started our celebrations off with a wartime quiz and a ‘finish the sayings’ quiz, our residents love quizzes so this went down very well!

We then moved on to the brilliant spread of food that our amazing chef, Wayne, had prepared for us which was delicious. Our residents enjoyed a glass of wine or two and then after lunch we all came together for a wartime singalong. It was a gorgeous day so we all sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a lovely day, enjoyed by all!