Thank yous

National Carers Week, long service awards, and International Nurses Day are just some of the ways in which we say thank you at our care homes. Read our blog posts below to find out more.

A big thank you to our friend Dorothy

The team at Henleigh Hall Care Home would like to say a HUGE thank you to our friend Dorothy Dinsdale who has made us some lovely drawstring bags to transport our uniforms safely to and from work.

Dorothy’s father-in-law used to live with us at Henleigh Hall and we are all very touched by her kindness. As you can see from the pictures, the bags are not only practical but also very beautiful.

Thank you Dorothy!

An extra splash of colour at Westbury Court

Residents at Westbury Court Care Home received a very thoughtful donation this week that brought lots of happiness to the home.

Sue, from Westbury town, was very kind and decided she wanted to bring some extra colour into our home by painting some rocks for our residents. They were absolutely beautiful. Most of them had rainbow paints on them and it really brings a lovely colourful shine to our garden area.

Showing our appreciation

Residents at The Lawns Care Home get creative to show their appreciation for all the key worker who are continuing to work hard.

We came together to make a big sign to hang up as a big thank you to all the key workers. As we watch the news we feel proud to see how hard everyone is working and we wanted to show our appreciation for all the key workers across the country and in our home how much we value their hard work.

We cut out rainbows and letters to spell ‘Stay Home, Save Lives.’ and we stuck them on to our sign. We wanted to display it at the front of the home so everyone can see how grateful we all are. We also made some smaller rainbows to stick around the home. It was really nice to all come together and create something together.

A lovely act of kindness

One of our residents at Ashbourne Court Care Home had a lovely surprised outside their window from their very thoughtful family.

Resident, Jean, under normal circumstancing get visited by her daughter Jo and her family every week however they haven’t been able to do this recently. Jean’s daughter and family now check in with her via video call which they all really enjoy. During their recent call Jean’s grandchildren asked her to take a look out her window. They had stuck lots of lovely posters with messages saying how much they love her for Jean to look at when she misses them. It was such a thoughtful surprise and is really nice now that Jean spends so much time in her room. It means she will always feel close to her amazing family.

A knitted surprise!

Audrey, one of the residents at Ashbourne Court Care Home, recently received a very thoughtful gift from one of our volunteers.

One of our volunteers, Lynn, befriended Audrey so when she couldn’t come and visit anymore Lynn decided to make Audrey her favourite flowers. Lynn knitted some beautiful daffodils for Audrey to have in her room, she even knitted a butterfly and bumble bee to go with them. This thoughtful gift has really brightened up Audrey’s days. Lynn is a wonderful member of our wider community here at Ashbourne and we really appreciate her.

A lovely surprise from the community

The team at The Granby Care Home had a really nice surprise recently from a group of lovely ladies in the local community donating lots of gorgeous laundry bags to the team.

Nicky, from Covid Co-operation Harrogate, came by the home and had such a nice surprise for the team. She brought loads of beautiful hand-made laundry bags for all of the team to use to take home their uniforms and pop them straight into the washing machine. All the bags are hand made using donated materials or material they already had at home. The lovely ladies who made these bags wanted to express their thanks for the commitment and care that our team have been giving to The Granby residents.

A very thoughtful gift

Residents at Westbury Court Care Home are very grateful for a surprise gift that they received recently. It was from some of their regular visitors who can no longer visit, the Yeoman family.

THANK YOU so much to the whole Yeoman family who spent time making a lovely rainbow mosaic for our residents and the team, to remind them that they are not alone in this time. They also made some lovely Easter cards for everyone which we were very excited to open. It’s such a lovely and thoughtful act of kindness and we are very grateful to receive this much love and support.

A delicious surprise!

Residents and the team at Ashbourne Court Care Home had a lovely surprise recently when a delivery of cupcakes arrived at the home.

One of our residents, Edith, has 3 sons who are always around when we need some help around the home whether that’s setting up for an event or painting the summerhouse, they will always volunteer to help us out. They are valued greatly here at Ashbourne.

During this challenging time Edith’s sons, Trevor, Roger and Barry wanted to show their appreciation for the team that are looking after their mum so sent us an amazing hamper of cupcakes and a lovely card for the whole team. We are so grateful for their continued support and want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to them for sending these cakes and raising the spirits in the team!

An Easter treat!

The team and the residents at Westbury Court Care Home would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the team at Morrison’s in Westbury for a very special Easter delivery that arrived this weekend.

They were very kind and donated enough Easter eggs for all of our residents and our wonderful team! The whole team and all the residents at Westbury Court would love to say a massive thank you to Morrison’s for this lovely gesture. It’s in times like these that the community support means the most so thank you so much!

A very generous gift!

Residents at Uplands Care Home had a really nice surprise from their local community this Easter.

All our residents and team here at Uplands would like to say a massive THANK YOU! We were very surprised when we found a big pile of Easter treats waiting for our residents at the door one afternoon. There was a huge stack of pizzas, which were delicious and a firm favourite in the home. We felt very spoilt to also find some cakes, biscuits and enough Easter eggs for our residents and team that had been dropped off by some lovely members of our community. This was such a lovely gesture and we are all really grateful.