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St Oswalds House

The importance of writing letters

In this digital age, handwritten letters are becoming less and less common and even considered old fashioned. After all, why send a letter when I can send a text in a matter of seconds.

However, at a time when many of us are socialising less and feeling more isolated, there has never been a better time to stop looking at our screens and putting pen to paper to feel reconnected to those we are close to.

Here we touch on six key reasons why writing a letter to someone can be beneficial.

1. A keepsake you can treasure

An introduction to dementia

It’s normal for us to forget things from time to time, but individuals living with dementia often become increasingly more and more forgetful and struggle to recall recently learnt information in the early stages of dementia. As the condition develops individuals often struggle to recall memories and events, and may get easily confused about their current situation and environment. Indeed, people living with dementia often forget how to do everyday tasks, such as shutting a fridge door or making a cup of tea.

Benefits of baking in later years

There’s no doubt about it, Britain is a cake eating country and in our brighterkind home’s it’s a real focus point, especially when served with a refreshing cup of tea!

Our residents don’t just like to eat cake, many also enjoy creating their own cakes and bakes. From chocolate brownies to treacle tart, lots of our residents enjoy nothing more than an afternoon baking, to relax and unwind as well as create some culinary masterpieces.






Bringing the Community Together with our Pocket Gardens

As part of our Summer of Joy event, residents and team members in our brighterkind care homes are getting creative this summer and showing off their green fingers by making their very own ‘Pocket Gardens’.

Some of our homes paired up with their local garden centres to run competitions to inspire their community to create their very own pocket gardens. Photographs of pocket garden entries will be judged by the residents as well as horticulturalists from the garden centre. The lucky winners will each receive a £200 gift card to be able to continue their creativity.