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brighterkind partner with Rock Choir

brighterkind is delighted to announce a partnership with Rock Choir on a new inclusive project to bring the joy of performance singing into the daily lives of its care home residents and care teams.

Residents at brighterkind care homes across the UK will be taking part in rehearsals with bespoke tutorials provided by Rock Choir, the UK’s largest contemporary choir, ahead of live performances before an audience of family, friends and members of the local community, throughout the autumn.  

Fun, friendship and the sound of music at our community summer festivals

“Gorgeous weather, cool ice cream, dancing & singing with our loved ones and a cheeky cocktail – just a perfect day!” 

Wow, what a wonderful summer!  

brighterkind care homes across the UK have really embraced fun in the sun this season by holding summer festivals for residents, family members and friends in our local communities.

Creating a 'bee-kind' habitat

At this time of year these clever creatures are already looking for food and shelter to make a home for the coming months. Join us in helping our buzzy friends by creating the perfect bee hotel.

Not to be underestimated, bumble bees have one of the most important jobs in our eco system – pollinating vast numbers of flowers and crops for the benefit of their fellow animals and us humans too. In fact, without their services, many of our wildflowers and crops such as beans, peas, raspberries and tomatoes would struggle to reproduce.

The Benefits of a Glass of Whisky

In celebration of World Whisky Day, we thought we would touch on what a drink with friends can provide. At any age, companionship is an important part of staying healthy and happy and has a positive impact on our mental health, but this is especially so in later years when your mobility may be limited and there isn’t the same opportunity to ‘go out’.