residential care at Tewkesbury Fields

residential care

Residential care at Tewkesbury Fields has always been associated with our warm and welcoming atmosphere.  The team are always eager to prioritise residents safety and wellbeing with cheerful willingness.

We are a single story building with views of the garden , our Lavender Bushes and Nearby Country side with Sheep. Some rooms have patio doors leading out to the gardens and Court Yards. The rooms are decorated to different specs and have views of the fields from the countryside. Most of the rooms have patio doors  spacious wet rooms and nice views to our gardens and Lavender Bushes. Residents are free to personalise the rooms. There is also a hairdressing salon and nail bar offering pamper sessions. The home offers fine dinning standard and residents are free to have meals in their rooms if they choose to. 

Local places that our residents love to visit are Tewkesbury Abbey, Mythe Garden Centre, Golden Valley which is renowned for wildlife. Also they can go for a walk around the home to River where there are LOCKS and they can see the boats and they also love to visit the Roses Theatre in Tewkesbury.

Caring for complex needs

This is for residents with more complex healthcare needs, and who require the supervision of fully qualified nurses. This might involve frequent medication regimes, wound care, constant assessment, monitoring and care planning.

Round-the-clock specialised service

Our registered nurses are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and specialise in providing therapeutic care for our residents. They are supported by our highly skilled carers, who assist with all aspects of personal care and support.

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We offer nursing and care for residents with a variety of conditions, including but not exclusively:

 - Hearing impairment,

 - Visual impairment,

 - Huntington's Disease,

 - Motor Neurone Disease,

 - Multiple Sclerosis,

 - Parkinson's Disease,

 - Speech Impairment,

 - Stroke,

 - Cancer,

 - Physical Impairment

Please do get in touch to talk about the support and care you require.

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