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residential care

Here at The Granby we have a large lawned area to the rear of our Crystal Rooms.  All residents are able to access this area which is safe and enclosed.  We have sitting areas to the front of the home where residents can enjoy fresh air whilst taking in the comings and goings. We have experienced care team members who have worked at the home for a number of years.  A number of our team have long service awards showing dedication to The Granby. A number of our rooms within the residential unit look out across the Stray and these rooms are large and spacious.  The character of the home has been well maintained.  

Harrogate District Hospital is  on our door step and we receive regular enquiries from the discharge team,The Duchy Hospital is a private hospital and we have received enquiries from the hospital for respite and long term care. Our residents love to go out for a walk along the Stray.  They also enjoy going to Betty’s tea rooms in Harrogate.  Our residents love to go shopping – all the day to day things we all love to do.

On 29th September, we  held a special celebration in the Crystal Ballroom for Mary Pitts’ Diamond Wedding anniversary.

The party was a great way to honour Mary and her husband Basil’s married life together. As he lived in a different residential home, they celebrated together earlier in the week and Mary celebrated with family and friends for our event at The Granby.

Working together with Mary, the Granby Team Members put together a party that no one will forget – and dressed The Crystal Ballroom for the occasion! The Chef prepared a fine afternoon tea, the Hospitality Team ensured that The Crystal Room was decorated to Mary’s taste. The service was formal within an informal setting, the Activities Team acted as Master of Ceremonies and provided entertainment for both children and adults.

This occasion allowed Mary, her family and friends to cherish the marriage and the special times they have spent together as a couple. A table displayed Mary and Basils wedding album, photographs and scrapbooks. Mary and Basil received many congratulatory messages including a card containing a personalised message from the Queen, which arrived in a special envelope. Mary, her son Jonathan and family member also gave speeches and a champagne toast was made to the couple! Mary then cut her special cake, which was shared amongst the guests.

One of our latest reviews:

My mum initially came to The Granby for a respite stay for extra care while we were on holiday, but she decided to stay permanently.

I have been extremely impressed by many aspects of the home. The care staff have taken the time to get to know my mum well; they notice when she is having a bad day and discuss her issues with me. The care staff are very patient, supportive and professional.
The hospitality staff are excellent; friendly and attentive and always ready with a cuppa and the time to have a catch up with residents and families. The domestic staff keep the place beautifully clean, and reception and maintenance staff are friendly and helpful. The "Pink Ladies" organise a wonderful range of fun activities for residents. 

The building itself is a lovely place to live. There are several beautifully decorated lounges in which to sit, a free cafe (which is a lovely spot for residents to spend time with visitors), and the dedicated cinema and the wellness room are special touches

Caring for complex needs

This is for residents with more complex healthcare needs, and who require the supervision of fully qualified nurses. This might involve frequent medication regimes, wound care, constant assessment, monitoring and care planning.

You might also be interested to know:

We offer care for residents with a variety of conditions, including but not exclusively:

 - Hearing impairment,

 - Visual impairment,

 - Huntington's Disease,

 - Motor Neurone Disease,

 - Multiple Sclerosis,

 - Parkinson's Disease,

 - Speech Impairment,

 - Stroke,

 - Cancer,

 - Physical Impairment

Please do get in touch to talk about the support and care you require.

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