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dementia care at Uplands

dementia care

Focusing on strengths

Half of our rooms are dedicated specifically to those residents requiring dementia care, approximately one quarter of our residents.

For those living with dementia, communicating their needs and wishes can be difficult, which in turn can lead to isolation. Our dementia care programme focuses on an individual’s strengths to help find ways in which they can re-engage with their families, friends and the community.

First rate and up to date

Our dementia care has been developed by specialists, and is constantly updated to reflect findings from the latest research. Every member of staff undergoes a bespoke dementia training course to ensure that they understand the various forms of dementia and how it can affect each individual.

We gain an insight into residents’ life stories through recollections, reminiscence and sensory-based activities and community involvement, and provide the best beneficial therapies and treatments.

We are very proud to have recently been awarded our 'Platinum' status for the 'Gold Standards Framework' accreditation for end of life care. 


What facilities do you have in place that are specially designed for dementia sufferers?

Our philosophy is that people with dementia have the same human value as anyone else, irrespective of their degree of disability or independence. We carefully consider the environment and how this affects residents. We have a sensory room that provides a calm and inviting space for many of our dementia care residents.

Are there any targeted activities for residents living on this floor?

We put a huge focus on helping dementia sufferers to maintain everyday skills, their nutrition and dining, and community involvement. We also have regular activities such as recall, group newspaper reading, and reminiscence group exercise.

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We offer nursing and care for residents with a variety of conditions, including but not exclusively:

 - Hearing impairment,
 - Visual impairment,
 - Alzheimer's,
 - Motor Neurone Disease,
 - Multiple Sclerosis,
 - Parkinson's Disease,
 - Speech Impairment,
 - Stroke,
 - Cancer,
 - Physical Impairment

Please do get in touch to talk about the support and care you require.

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