14 ideas for National Allotments Week

allotments week

So who was a keen gardener and used to spend hours on their allotment? A great day to discuss fruit and vegetable competitions and to get involved with your local horticulture clubs. Perhaps a visit to the local allotments and a chat with the gardeners there would make a nice change for some?

Here are 14 ideas for celebrating National Allotments Week: 

1. Reminiscence all around growing produce. What have your residents grown? Did they grow their own as a child? Use the ‘Dig for Victory’ video.
2. Place different herbs in pots and ask the residents to guess what they are from the smell in each pot.
3. Individual tasting sessions. Samples of different root veg and allotment produce such as potato, sweetcorn, onion, rhubarb, raspberries and apples.
4. Group food tastings using allotment produce should provide some fun!
5. Dedicate a section of your weekly quiz to identify allotment vegetables or plants
6. Design your own allotment or shed in your arts and crafts session
7. Theme your Oomph! Exercise session to include the actions of digging, planting, mowing etc.

8. Conversation time: share recipes that include allotment produce, such as apple pie, a Sunday roast or a strawberry trifle. What recipes did everyone use?
9. Herb planting - indoors or outdoors – or create your very own vegetable patch.
10. Invite local allotment holders to bring in their produce to share and talk about with you all – with smell, sight, touch as well as taste forming the focus
11. Invite in a guest speaker to talk about how they maintain their allotments
12. Take a trip to your local allotment plots, perhaps with a tour by a local allotment holder?
13. Invite a children’s group to help you to plant herbs with your residents
14. Reach out to local horticulture groups or colleges to see about developing future activities

Here are some links to handy online resources: 

www.nsalg.org.uk/ - The National Allotment Society
www.allotment-garden.org/ allotment-information/ - Grow your own guide
www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_Gs7Vik75k - A dig for victory National broadcast

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