7 ideas for National random acts of kindness day

World kindness day

What to do on National Random Acts of Kindness Day

This day has really grown in popularity with the aim to encourage acts of kindness. So why not offer to do something for someone? Why not go out into your community or invite the community in to join you and combat loneliness with an afternoon of tea and chatter which is sure to make someone’s day.  

Here are 7 ideas to help you spread a little bit of kindness around on Random Acts of Kindness Day

1. Try sending a postcard to family and friends with a heartfelt note that will surely make someone’s day

2. Kindness poetry – gather a group of friends together and ask them to think of words that relate to kindness and create a poem based on these words. 

3. At work, create a big personalised handmade card and fill it with words of kindness then place it in your team room for everyone to see. 

4. Have a 'Kindness Well' Hat or Pot with kindness quotes and encourage visitors to pick one as they enter your business or building. 

5. Host an open day where you could offer a buffet lunch open to the community to help prevent loneliness. 

6. Send ‘thank you’ letters to local businesses and organisations to show your appreciation. 

7. Bake cookies or cakes to hand out

Here are a few online resources that may help you further... 

www.randomactsofkindness.org/kindness-ideas (Senior Citizens section)


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