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The Berkshire create an impressive model village

The Berkshire Care Home, Wokingham, NAPA Day of the Arts

It’s NAPA Day of the Arts and residents of The Berkshire Care Home showcased their impressive crafting skills with their model village.

Due to the restrictions we’ve faced over the past few months, we thought it would be a great idea to start a big project to keep us busy. We decided to create a model village and the first step was making a list of what we wanted in our village. By doing this, it brought back a lot of lovely memories for our residents.

First on our list was a church, as requested by Betty. Connie also had a great idea of adding a bakery and Michael thought it was essential to have a pub, which we all agreed with! Josie said you can’t have a village without a post office, so on the list it went. We also had a lovely suggestion by Sheila to add a canal and a bridge. Once we had our plan, it was time to get building!

We tried making a few different designs for our homes, before agreeing on a simple design with either a red or yellow roof. To add a bit of personality to the homes, our residents picked coloured paper and customised the homes with fancy doors and windows. They also added a lovely touch by putting their room numbers on their homes.

Betty said, “I really like all this, it’s very beautiful. The little houses and the bridge are very beautiful. I like to stay here admiring it. My little home is there too, it’s No.17. I told my daughter and my son about our village, I would like them to see this.”

It took us about a month to make our village and during that time we had lots of fun, spoke about lovely memories and drank lots of tea!

We are still considering what else we can add to our village, so it could soon become a town!

Team member Bella reflected on the project, commenting, “During the lockdown we encouraged our residents to get involved by sharing their memories and by helping to build our model village. The purpose was to bring back memories and do something that everyone can contribute to.”

The Berkshire Care Home is located in Wokingham, Berkshire and provides residential carenursing carepalliative care and respite care.

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