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16 Ideas for Celebrating Chelsea Flower Show 


16 Ideas for Celebrating Chelsea Flower Show 

The start of the world’s most famous flower show is bound to prompt interest in flower arranging or gardening with your residents – alternatively watch the TV programme and then get creative and paint! Organising a local florist to come in to the home to do classes or a talk is often popular and holding your very own brighterkind flower show throughout your home is even a possibility!

1. What are your favourite flowers? Have a chat and discover your resident’s favourite flowers. Then bring them some for their room, or show and enjoy bright images or illustrations of them.
2. Plant some plants of your own and then watch them grow in each room
3. Suggest watching the Chelsea Flower Show ‘from the comfort of your own room’
4. Bring in different flowers every day for the duration of the show, specifically for each resident and perhaps based on their favourites?
5. Go for a walk around the garden or down the street and see just how many different flowers you can see
6. Feel how soft fresh flower petals and leaves are and take in the wonderful smell of fresh flowers – lovely multi-sensory session with a difference!
7. Draw, paint or collage your favourite flowers in a Chelsea Show themed arts & crafts session. Then bring all of your creations together for your very own ‘brighterkind Flower Show’.
8. Grand Designs….. design your very own garden, using pencils, paints, collage materials and even real flowers.
9. The Chelsea Flower Show screening in the lounge will create a lovely afternoon or evening - serve tea and cake whilst residents enjoy the show. Decorate the lounge in preparation with arts & crafts and
plenty of real flowers.
10. Name that flower in a special picture quiz created to mark the show.
11. Run or even start a Flower Arranging Club making some beautiful arrangements for resident’s rooms or for your relatives.
12 Invite a local florist to give a talk about creating beautiful displays and discuss different types of flowers
13. Approach local supermarkets for any leftover flowers to be used with your residents.
14. Visit your local garden centre, take a walk around the beautiful displays and allow plenty of time for a coffee.
15. Visit a local National Trust property with a garden walk easily accessible for your wheelchairs
16. Invite a local gardener along to give live demonstrations of planting and potting plants

Below are some online Resources and Notes to help you search Chelsea Flower Show onthe image search search Chelsea Flower Show on the video search search Chelsea Flower Show

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