8 Ideas for National Book Lovers Day

Book Lovers Day

8 Ideas for Celebrating National Book Lovers Day 

Why not share your love for books and create a book club or an author appreciation society? Ask residents to book swap and read excerpts from a sample of their top ten books. Reading aloud and assigning everyone a character can be fun. Who is the most popular writer of residents at your home? Local Authors might also like to hold a book fair at your home today - invite them in to read, display, sign and sell books to the community in your own mini literary festival.

Below are 8 ideas to help you celebrate Book Lovers Day in your home: 

1. Read Aloud – help a resident choose a favourite book of theirs, maybe from their childhood such as Wind in the Willows which is often a popular choice! Then agree a time together each week where you read another chapter, something for them to really look forward to. This could also incorporate a mini relax session where you use the diffuser and offer some guided meditation.
2. Library Trolley – organise a Library trolley with book donations and assign a resident the ‘job’ as a librarian where they organise the books for the trolley each week and visit rooms and lounges offering books out. This could also lead to them offering to read to a less able or poorly resident.
3.  Library Trip – organise a One to One special library trip to ask for donations for your Library Trolley and ask about any other assistance that they may be able to offer.
4. Book Club – hold a regular cosy book club for residents to socialise, maybe read a chapter of the same book together and discuss afterwards over some coffee and cake.
5. Writing – do you have any previous or budding authors amongst you? It may be nice to approach a local author and see if they would be happy to visit and then see if you could either have a feature/name drop in a forthcoming book or even assist in writing a chapter!
6. Library visit – a group visit to the Library to look for that special book that may not have been read for years, offers a great opportunity for reminiscing whilst getting out and about.
7. Most of the above ideas involve linking to the community, but also:
-  Arrange visits from the local mobile library to the home – as well as lending out books they also have DVDs and CDs.
- Visit a traditional Bookshop - the smells and sights of an old book shop, floor to ceiling in books, could bring back a lot of old memories for some people.
- Also wouldn’t it be great to have one of your residents starting to volunteer once a week?

Below are some online resources to help you: