9 Ideas to Help You Celebrate The British Royal Open Golf Championship


9 Ideas to Help You Celebrate The British Royal Open Golf 

For only the second time, golf’s oldest major championship will be played in Northern Ireland when the British Open returns to Royal Portrush Golf Club in 2019. This is a great day to celebrate with golf and history fans alike as golf first gained popularity back in the 19th century. Most residents like to learn new things, so you might like to have a local historian visit to share the history of golf or residents might enjoy visiting a local golf or mini golf course?


1. Use your garden sensory items from your Active minds box and create a ‘grassy’ atmosphere in your resident’s room as it rekindles memories of the golf course.
2. Create a discussion around the use of different clubs, maybe using pictures sourced from the internet via your iPad/laptop.
3. Watch your resident’s favourite golf player using highlights on YouTube then save it into their App under their favourites section so you can replay it.
4. Create a bedroom size indoor golf course and perhaps find an unused walking stick and make it into a golf club by turning it upside down – a great one to  one fun activity!
5. Create a chair indoor golf tournament in one of your brightest communal areas: if you can buy indoor golf materials like clubs and mat etc. Then perfect but if you can’t, here are some hints and tips:
- Old walking sticks are your clubs - turn them upside down and perhaps decorate them to make it personalised prior to the competition?
- Create target mats with scores like 25/50/100 and use this instead of a hole as it will make it fully inclusive.
- Use a tennis ball instead of golf ball to make it more visible and easier to hit.
- Get your residents team poloshirts and hats if possible to set the theme

6. Visit your local Golf course and have a tour around – then follow perhaps with a tea with your residents in their café?
7. Invite your local Golf Club in and ask them to bring in a set of clubs to your residents.
8. Assist your local Golf Club in promoting their events - posting their posters in your home and they may well provide the same support for your events.
9. Invite your local Golf Club to deliver a talk about the whole history of the sport inviting in members of the club and community to join you.


www.top100golfcourses.com/golfcourses/ britain-ireland/england​

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