brighterkind Postcard Pals!

To help our residents stay cheery and connected, we would like to invite nurseries, schools, or anyone in the community to be a brighterkind Postcard Pal! 

We would love you to send drawings and postcards to our care home to share with residents in our homes. It could be a drawing or little message, something about your hobby, interest, favourite food, pets, animals, travels – almost anything goes.  Your cards and creative work will be shared with all our residents.

We will then share photos of our residents (where we have consent) with schools and our community contacts so that you can see the happiness the postcards and drawings bring.

Just send drawings and postcards to:

[address of care home]

For schools - please advise children to include their school name. They can include a first name (if you feel this is appropriate) but not their full name please.

Thank you in advance for any postcards of happiness sent into our home.

From the Magic Moments Club team

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