Carry on Learning Events- throughout October

Carry on Learning

Carry on Learning!

Events will happen throughout October - please contact your nearest care home to find out more!

This event is all about how important it is to carry on learning even into old age. It keeps the brain active and engaged and has links to slowing down memory loss in the elderly. This is your chance to shout about the wonderful things you put on in your particular home that enables your residents to ‘Carry On Learning’ and having fun! 

1. Find a particular subject/hobby that your resident enjoys and have discussions around it – also a good way to update life stories
2. Re-introduce a hobby that your resident used to enjoy by teaching them the basic features with an adaptable approach eg. if it is knitting find a bigger needle or bright coloured wool. If it is baking and they can’t physically bake, then let them write down their own ingredients and use it in your baking session making sure that you are letting everyone know whose ingredients you are using!
3. A great way to introduce new technology is by simply showing them how our MMC App works!
4. Perhaps go into the home photos and teach them how to scroll through the photos themselves or even to upload them?
5. Individual smaller activities for the mind like Sudoku or crosswords often remain popular – perhaps you have a resident who has never done a Suduko and would like to try?
6. Use a blackboard and coloured chalks for your arts session while having discussions around Then and Now i.e. Then – Blackboards / Now – Whiteboards or electronic boards.
7. Put together a chair based dance routine for your residents to learn and perhaps perform in one of your Club events?
8. Get a singing group together (not necessarily a choir!) And learn new songs together using your music workshop skills.
9. Look at different cultures in your home and perhaps they have a different way of doing maths and ask them to teach others, i.e. multiplying through fingers.
10. Hold a Poetry class where you practice or teach others to write simple poems.
11. An IT class taking advantage of our iPad’s, App and Our Yesterdays, perhaps offering workshops? You may have local students who may like to help.
12. Find a local florist to offer practical teaching like flower arranging etc.
13. Speak to a local University and arrange a visit for residents to see what they now use for teaching.
14. Host a Back to School themed party inviting local schools while residents and team dress up and the home is decorated as a certain year’s classroom.
15. Invite students and do a two-way teaching- residents can teach them and they can teach residents on a particular subject.
16. Perhaps hold a community quiz?

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In brighterkind care homes, we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we’re passionate about creating vibrant, stimulating activities that will help our residents to love every day. We call them: ‘Magic Moments’. For more about our Magic Moments Club for residents, please visit:  Activities are personalised and reflect the interests and hobbies of our nursing care, residential care and dementia care residents.