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Going back in time for Christmas

A Christmas Message magazine from brighterkind

Since our Magic Moments programme focuses on our residents’ interests, each day at a brighterkind home is a hive of different activities – ranging from art, gardening and baking, to dancing, puzzles and movie nights.

Over the festive period, our teams will be creating ‘Magic Moments’ for our residents, as they reminisce over Christmases past and take a trip down memory lane. Here’s just a taster of what our residents will be reminiscing about with the help of film, music and pictures on our innovative and unique Magic Moments App.



24TH DEC - 1921

The Clitheroe Kid

Born on this day, James ‘Jimmy’ Clitheroe never grew taller than 4’3” and, for most of his life, could easily pass for an 11 year old. He always appeared in a schoolboy cap and blazer and starred in the TV comedy series “The Clitheroe Kid” for 15 years.





26TH DEC - 1924

Meet me in St Louis

Judy Garland made her debut on stage on this day at the age of two and a half. She appeared at her father’s movie theatre during a Christmas show and sang a chorus of “Jingle Bells”. She went on to star in the Christmas film “Meet Me in St Louis”.





OCTOBER - 1942

Bing Crosby’s best seller

The song was offered to Fred Astaire but Fred insisted that Bing Crosby sing it in the film “Holiday Inn”. For many years “White Christmas” was the best-selling song of all time – until Elton John released his tribute to Princess Diana “Candle in the Wind”.





25TH DEC - 1957

Televised for the first time

Queen Elizabeth was televised into the living rooms of millions of people for the first time on Christmas afternoon in 1957. The Queen was extremely accomplished with the teleprompter and read the message brilliantly.





25TH DEC - 1957

Miniature die-cast models

Matchbox toys were introduced in 1953. The concept of these tiny die- cast models was the response of a father, Jack Odell, to a rule at his daughter’s school stating that pupils were only allowed to bring in toys that would fit inside a matchbox.





25TH DEC - 1977

Bring me sunshine

The top two most watched Christmas TV shows were both aired on Christmas Day in 1977. The second most popular was the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Special. The most popular with 28M viewers was the Mike Yarwood Christmas Show.




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