Here are 13 ideas for celebrating Macmillan's World Coffee Morning...


Macmillan’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning - 27th September

This year why not join the biggest coffee morning in the world again to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support? Having started in the early 90s the event is a brilliantly simple concept which is now well-supported and advertised. The campaign focuses on getting together with friends for a drink and a chat, and then donating any money raised from paying for refreshments to Macmillan. Creative downloadable materials are always available at with the option to host your own event or attend a local one.

Here are 13 ideas for celebrating Macmillan's World Coffee Morning: 

1. Do a one to one cupcake baking session in preparation for the event:
- After baking, perhaps your resident would like to decorate them?
- Spend time with the resident making cupcake packaging ie. small boxes
- If they are able, why not assist them on pricing them up for the event
2. Do a tea tasting session with your resident
3.  Encourage a one to one room decorating session for the event. i.e. decorate just one section of the room instead of whole so it does not get too overwhelming
4. Use the iPad and find information about the day, the history of cupcakes and why the day is happening to raise awareness with your resident – maybe save a link of the day etc in the app?
5. Host a group baking session… it can involve baking or the decorating of what has been baked to sell for the event. Ask your team members to bake as well and often you will find you have great bakers in your home.
6. Create a playlist…. let your residents pick the songs they want to play for the event.
7. Host a learning afternoon and connect your iPad to the television then discuss the progress of Macmillan research over the years, all while serving a nice hot cuppa.
8. Also look at Our Yesterday as it will contain information about the event - perhaps use your printed OY Newsletter?
9. Host a crafting session and create a personalised donation box or personalised poster about the event
10. Have an international cake tasting afternoon with the event. Ask your team members to bake a cake that is unique from their country and sell them as part of the event – what a great way to showcase your team and their involvement!
11. Most communities support this event so look and see if you can participate in your local community area to offer support – this also gives your residents a great chance to meet others.
12. Invite your community in to your own event as this also gives you a chance to raise more money for the event. Why not start a raffle to raise more funds?
13. Put posters around the local community in places such as shops, hospitals, churches etc. to increase attendance at your event.

Resources and Notes

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