Little Acts of Kindness in brighterkind care homes

brighterkind Acts of Kindness

At brighterkind, our homes know that even the seemingly small gestures can make someone else's day.

As it's Random Act's of Kindness day soon, we asked our homes one question "What act's of kindness do you or your colleagues do every day that makes a big difference to people's lives?"

We had a fantastic response!

"Our Receptionist Sharon is a star when it comes to little random acts of kindness. One resident Mitch comes to visit her every day and she takes him for little walks in the garden. She even took him back to his old primary school in Edinburgh as they went to the same school but obviously at different times.

This morning we have a new lady who has moved in and she has a dog. The lady is slightly confused about where she is so Sharon offered to take her and the dog out for a short walk".

Gordon, Home Manager at Colinton Care home in Edinburgh


"Here at Highfield we see random acts of kindness every day…

Jane the administrator gets shopping for residents on her way into work.

Philip the Handyman chats especially to the men about the football and encourages the gentlemen to join him in decorating, building things in the garden and garden maintenance and growing vegetables.

Jackie the chef brings in fresh crusty bread for the residents to have with their soup .

Caroline the carer does amazing manicures !

Hannah looks in the tv magazine and writes out posters to remind the staff of our resident’s [particular favourite programmes so they do not miss them .

All our team engage and chat to our residents at all times , they do it instinctively and always from the heart"

Activities Coordinator, Highfield care home in Ware


"At Broadway we are lucky to have staff that go above and beyond their duties especially helping with activities.

I would like to nominate our hostess Kerry Wolohan.

Kerry plays an integral part of activities. She is always happy to join in, she stays behind after shifts to support and even swap shifts to ensure she is available to escort on trips.

We are going out in to the community soon to promote our Oomph classes and she has already put her name down to join us.

Kerry is also the star of our Pantomime! She helps on open days and donates items for the residents.

She interacts with residents as if they were family and to them, she is a very popular member of the team.

I cannot think of anybody more worthy than Kerry.  Under that hostess uniform is a true activity coordinator screaming to get out!"

Matthew Pound, Lead Activity Co-ordinator Broadway Halls Care home in Dudley


"We are all very fortunate here at Sutton Valence because our team members do not see their job titles as set in stone roles and therefore do without thinking random acts of kindness every day!"

Darren our Handyman often helps us and our residents in activities even building from scratch Santa’s sleigh complete with reindeer this past Christmas for our residents and their younger visitors to sit together in outside for some memorable photos and Darren is now in the process of building “The Hogwarts Express” train ready for our Halloween Harry Potter event!

Darren also has a taste for the residents karaoke club and the Oomph pompoms too and can often be found with the residents rallying the troops and making everyone giggle with his efforts!

He has made a special friend with one of our residents Roy and they work together on small projects fixing things and chattering away in the “man cave”!

Sylwia our Housekeeper really puts in that bit extra to make our events special and will come in early, stay late and often be here on her days off to decorate the home ready for any event in a really eyecatching and attention to detail kind of way often spending much of her free time shopping for bits and bobs that make our themed days really special and memorable for our residents.

Gemma – one of our activity co-ordinators who is at present on maternity leave now volunteers on Thursdays to help us take our residents out on our weekly trips possibly not even realising that her giving her time freely helps us to take that one extra resident out for a day each week that otherwise may have had to wait a bit longer to go out on a longed for shopping trip or visit a place of interest.

Adele is one of our residents here at Sutton Valence and she spends every day as busy as a bee helping others when she can, anything she is able to help out with she will with the residents, the team and the visitors.

Adele runs our in house shop “The Pop In”, mans the “Destination Station” to ensure residents, families, visiting emergency services have a nice hot drink available should they need it and all the while with a friendly word and a smile on her face.

Our care team with too many names to mention who willingly join in on themed days, dancing with residents when we have live music and even joining the residents for a few songs at karaoke club when they have a few minutes spare!

Carla our Home Manager buys us all cakes, doughnuts, fruit and sweet treats every Friday to thank us for our hard work during the week, this has been happening for years as well as the fact she buys all staff members a birthday present every year and each of us a present at Christmas, Im not sure if this is standard in all homes but we feel truly blessed in this one for sure!

Emily Wheelhouse, Activities Coordinator at Sutton Valence Care Home in Maidstone


I would like to let everyone know how supportive my manager Raj is, to the home team, and in particular to myself. He has been so supportive and enthusiastic in assisting me to make things happen, I can’t put into words how it feels to have a manager like this.

Caroline, Activities Coordinator at Ashbourne Court Care Home in Andover 


The home manager Maria Percival will regularly join in with the bingo and karaoke with the residents to sing their favourite songs. We have had valentines cards made from team members children for all the residents here. Our ladies have been busy knitting blankets for the neonatal unit at Warrington Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital, too!

Jordenne Armstrong, Home Administrator at St Oswald's in Warrington 


Matt our nurse always gives half his coke drink to a resident as he knows she likes it.

Lisa Clarke – Senior Carer – always ensures resident Pauline, has a bowls of sweets either that she has brought or she gets from activities

Di , our Activities lady, will stay after hours to talk to residents even though she has other commitments

Chloe Ingram- a carer at our home, purchases toiletries and tights etc… for  resident Connie, as her family live in San Francisco and Canada.  She does it out of her own money and brings it in in her own time and never asks for the money back.

Andrea Goodall, Home Manager at Brampton View care home in Chapel Brampton 


Darren Kenny is our new receptionist, he makes every moment matter. He increases positivity in the home and creates new ideas to make the home feel more comfortable and fun for residents. He is always happy to help and always smiling. He continues to give inspiration to staff and residents with happy quotes, sensory stimulation smells throughout the home. Well done and keep up the great work, we appreciate it.

Marieta,  Activities Co-ordinator at Highfields care home in Newark 


  1. Kerry Morgan and Rosa Begg came in on their days off to take Mary Johnstone and Margaret MacLachlan shopping to Braehead.   The ladies had a lovely day shopping and went for coffee.
  2. On a trip to the Art Galleries our Resident Mary O’Donnell wanted to see a photo that her husband appeared in, the photo was not available.   Bobby McFaull our Driver spoke to a member of staff and asked how he would be able to get this photo, they gave him a phone number and e mail address to contact.  Bobby managed by phoning the relevant number to get a copy of the photo emailed to him to pass onto Mary.

Lynne Cornfoot, Home Administrator at Clarence Court in Glasgow 


Becky Saunders, our home administrator, she is always happy helping residents with their needs, if they need a blanket, a cup of tea, open/close the windows, helping with computers-ipad-phone . She is always cheerful and doing everything from the heart . 

Kirsty Ives one of our care assistants takes some clothes of a resident because she uses at home the same sort of fabric softener and she thought it could help her to feel more like home , so she did it, and she takes some of the residents clothes home to wash them.

Jon Burns, our maintenance man always go for that extra mille and do everything he can to do residents lives happier, he is always keen to do any job for them to arrange their room and decorate them, as well as doing with technology for them. Not long ago he made couple of bird tables for one of our residents as it was her very only wish when she moved in. 

Becky Bell care assistant , always spends time with the residents that more needed, always happy to spend some time and a cup of tea with them to have a nice chat and share their thought, it does really makes the difference. She choose to be happy and share her happiness with everybody.​

Kat Wilson always help our residents to get things from the shop that they want or need for any reason , she is always keen to do it and coming in her days off to bring it to our residents. Our residents feel so glad of having that extra help to get those thing when they cannot go out for them for any reason.

Alberto Grima Carmona, Activities at  Birkin Lodge care home in Tunbridge Wells 


Oakfield is displaying kindness tokens to handout to people alongside this poster of the little things we witness daily in our home from both staff and residents.

Tamzin, Activities Coordinator at Oakfield care home in Bath 


Head of Housekeeping at The Cedars Salisbury Emma constantly looks out for all the residents on a daily basis. As well as keeping the Home spick and span she always has time for others and is always smiling! When we had a very popular flower arranging activity recently and Emma kindly brought in flowers and took part so that the residents could be creative, they all produced some beautiful table centres for their dining rooms around their home. And after that, it was all tidied up and back to normal, by Emma and her team!

Despite all the list of requests that are always pointed towards Head of Maintenance at The Cedars Salisbury Doug can always be seen interacting with our residents. He always walks around the home with a smiley face and a cheerful yarn to be told. ‘Maintenance’ is a term that covers a multitude of tasks! From cleaning the gutters …we have lots of trees, so lots of leaves, to mending the PC monitor. You will always hear ‘let’s ask Doug!’ However Doug is always there and ensures there is always time for all the Residents, who clearly enjoy his company!

John Beckett, Activities Coordinator at The Cedars Care Home in Sailsbury 


  • ‘Cake day’ every Thursday by Linda (volunteer) who bakes homemade cakes for us with lots of love.
  • Aanchal (domestic assistant) cooks Indian food for team members on daily basis.
  • Bella (Home Manager) helping team members by laying tables and folding napkins as per the Service Standards.
  • Jan (gardener) helps with Gardening Club and having one to one interactions with residents on regular basis and they all adore her very much.
  • Gabi (nurse), Vali (nurse) and Raj (care assistant) taking Phillip (resident) to Stamford Bridge on their day off.
  • Gabi (nurse) buying Chelsea FC T-shirt for Philip (resident).
  • Kanika (Pacesetter and Recreation and leisure coordinator) organises parties for team members to relax, have fun and mingle.
  • Sarah (receptionist) has always got time for the residents listening and offering them nice cups of tea, while they are keeping her company at reception.
  • Lea a French exchange student from Lycee Deporter helps with activities over the weekend.
  • Relatives bring their pets in for other residents to see and spend time with.
  • Corina (nurse) baked lovely ‘Make every Moment Matter’ cake for team members.
  • Sarah is the best for making residents day special by (care assistant) singing and dancing with them regularly.
  • All team members including Bella (Home Manager), Mirela (Deputy Manager) and Adrian (Domestic Assistant) joining in with Oomph exercise sessions which makes our residents really happy and helps with activities as well.
  • Sue (senior care assistant) going shopping to buy makeup for our resident Christine on her day off.
  • Cristian (care assistant) painting the skirting boards at night to help Ovidiu (maintenance man).
  • Sarah (receptionist) helping Trainers to maintain the Training folders.
  • Ovidiu (maintenance man) helping Flowerdown Care Home in Winchester inducting their new maintenance man.
  • Kanika and Frances (Recreation and Leisure Co-ordinators) inducting new activity coordinators from Cedars care home in Salisbury.
  • Hannah (administrator) supporting Meyrick Rise care home with pay-roll and other administrative issues including inducting the new administrator.
  • Lin (senior carer) making coffees for nurses, when they are having a busy day and she also helps the domestic team with deep cleaning every morning.
  • Pete (chef) preparing lovely sandwiches for our GP, every time she visits our home.
  • Team members attending residents’ funerals to show support for their families.
  • Asna (domestic assistant) helping care team members when needed.
  • Errol (care assistant) entertaining our residents and team members by playing guitar and encouraging residents to play as well.
  • Menino (care assistant) comes on his day off to visit residents when they are at their end of life and prays for them.
  • Ray (resident) loves to teach team members Waltz and Foxtrot and really enjoys dancing with us.
  •  Sharing good practice such as Hungerford Care home local document to CCG board committee supporting care homes which is now used in the whole Berkshire region.
  • Christine (resident), Kenneth (resident) and Audrey (resident) having pen pals with children from a school in Marlborough and Wycombe.
  • Frances (Recreation and leisure coordinator) took Christine (resident) to the theatre to see a play about cats as Christine loves cats on her time off  

Hungerford Care Home


Lynn who works on both Care and housekeeping – always spends time ensuring that individuals in home have that little bit of extra attention. She will always put her residents first and never stops the whole time she is on shift.

Dot – Activities co-ordinator – she produces the most wonderful Oomph classes I have ever seen just ask Sally Harrison – her enthusiasm and va va voom ensures that everyone gets involved and leaves the session with a smile. It is so popular our therapy team use it as an additional exercise class.

John one of our nurses will often dress up for the residents to make them smile and feel special.

Elizabeth Gallacher, Home Manager at Claremont Parkway


Our Manager Linsey bought sweets for all our team.

Our receptionist Debbie picked fruit up for our resident because his aunt was ill.   

Annette our Administrator offered to buy presents for the children who have written stories for our upcoming event.

Jeannette our activities co-ordinator gave one of our residents extra attention today after feeling upset and anxious.

Katie our Activities co-ordinator visited the park with a residents who loves to be outdoors.

Paola  our care team member spoke in Spanish to one of our residents to help them relax.

Tracey made our residents laugh to cheer them up.

Bev our care team member gave support during a hospital appointment.

Henleigh Hall

Our Maintenance Man “John” who embraced the love everyday culture by making one of our resident “who is a 100 by the way” feel extra special in valentine’s day, Doing it from the heart he knew how Gladys loves her roses so he bought one and gave it to her. Perfect example of little act of kindness.

Kingsmills care home