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Six ideas to help International Kite Day go with a swing

Kite flying and making

It's International Kite Day in January

This great tradition came from Gujarat in India where the kite festival is called Uttararyan in Hindi. A celebration of winter coming to an end in India. Kite flying brings back lovely memories of beach holidays, days in the park and windy, sunny days. 

Here are six ideas to help your International Kite Day go with a swing:

1. Talk about how kites have been used in the past - do you remember how kites were used during the war?

Here are some resources to help you direct your discussion.

2. Set up a kite making craft afternoon.  

Have a family afternoon with grandchildren to make a range of different kites

Our pinterest board has a range of different kites to make:

Check out our pinterest board:

YouTube: type in 'how to make a paper kite'

My best

Kite flying and making

3. Join a local kite club

Find your local kite club at the British Kite Flying Association:

4. Involve your community

Let your local nursery, Rainbows, Brownies or primary school know what  you are doing. Could they come in to help?

Seeing a range of lovely kites flying would be quite a site. Can you organise a kite flying competition with one of these organisations?

5. Run a reminiscence session

What childhood memories do kites bring back - where did or do you fly your kite, what type of kite did you fly, what colour and how do you get a good lift behind the kite?  

What other childhood outdoor games did / do you enjoy?

6. Run a kite competition - how many kite styles can you name?

Do you know your Diamond kite from your Sled kite? A parafoil from your flowform?  


Hope you have fun with your kite making activities in January. It'll be a breeze.