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Smile for the camera


“Say cheese…” a click and a flash… a special moment has been captured.

This year, to celebrate World Photography Day, we have launched a brand new photography course as part of our Magic Moments Love to Learn programme. Photography is very popular amongst many of our residents, the skill of capturing a moment may seem straightforward, but there’s lots to learn to take really great photos. Our course will cover the history of photography through the ages, different styles of photography and lots of handy tips that residents can use when taking their own pictures.

Mark Conway, Managing Director at Eldercate, one of our Love to Learn partners running the course, says: “Photography allows you to take time out and can be used as an alternative therapy to help overcome anxiety, daily overwhelm and depression. Photography can also have a positive effect on your well-being; boosting self-esteem, confidence, memory, decision-making and helps to focus and calm the mind from the everyday hustle and bustle.”

At the tips of our fingers, we have the power to freeze time. Photography promotes creativity and we can enjoy the pictures in lots of different ways, whether it’s a trip down memory lane looking through photo albums and scrapbooks, using them to bring family trees to life, framing and displaying them to bring a smile to our faces every day or sharing them by posting online. 

Many of our residents take part in reminiscence sessions where they share the stories behind the photos that mean a lot to them. This is a great way to exercise memory and relive special and significant moments in their lives. These sessions encourage the brain to release dopamine, the chemical substance that plays a role in pleasure, motivation and learning, as residents recall moments in their life that made them happy.

Learning new things is fun and very important for our cognitive development and it’s never too late to pick up a new skill.

So keep snapping and creating a memory box of joy this World Photography Day!

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