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Celebrating our love of learning in later life

The Berkshire Care Home in Wokingham

Languages, photography, dancing and singing are just some of the new skills we’ve learnt this year!

Residents at brighterkind care homes across the UK have been recognised for their many and varied achievements over the year at celebratory graduation ceremonies.

Proving that you’re never too old to learn something new, our residents have added an impressive range of skills to their list of many talents by studying new languages, taking dancing & singing classes, photography courses and joining bespoke live tours of far-flung places.

Family, friends and members of the local community joined us to see our residents showcase some of their accomplishments and be presented with their Certificates of Lifelong Learning.

Steve Gardner, who leads the Magic Moments activities programme, said: “Continuing to learn in older age has many benefits. As well as keeping our brains healthy, acquiring new knowledge gives a real sense of purpose and achievement. Our Magic Moments activities programme includes lots of opportunities to get involved, learn new things and above all have great fun together.”