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McDonalds Memories at Ivybank House

Ivybank House, Somerset, McDonalds

A nation favourite, McDonalds. We all have fond memories of eating out at the food chain whether that be with friends over the weekend or as a traditional dinner with family.

One of our residents here at Ivybank House Care Home has her own memories of her Friday McDonalds’ tradition with her daughter.

Eileen’s daughter would take her to the fast food restaurant at the end of every week and she would order the same meal every time, a Big Mac meal with fries and a Fanta orange.

Eileen would look forward to the trips with her daughter and wished that she could go again. Therefore, Magic Moment Co-Ordinator, Sue made Eileen’s wish come true as part of the Wishing Wells Programme.

On Friday, Sue joined Eileen as they took a trip to McDonalds and picked up a Big Mac with fries and a Fanta orange. Eileen was over the moon and enjoyed her meal and trip down memory lane!

Ivybank House Care Home is located in Bath, Somerset and provides residential care and respite care.

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