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The Magic of Pet Therapy at Four Seasons Health Care: A Paw-sitive Impact!

Pet Therapy

At brighterkind, we're more than just a care home group. We're a community woven together in the shared goal of making life for our resident’s lives as happy and fulfilling as possible. One way we're achieving this through the delivery of Pet Therapy as part of our Magic Moments activities programme.

Easing the Pressure

Before coming to stay with us, many of our residents had a cherished pet companion back at home that they miss dearly. That’s where pet therapy comes in, bringing a bit of that comfort and companionship right into many of our care homes and onto our resident’s laps.

Pet therapy is more than just a feel-good initiative though and specialist providers 'Pets as Therapy' state that interacting with pets can significantly enhance mental health and overall wellbeing. "Interacting with a PAT pet can lead to an increased connection with carers and family. It brings a fresh spark of energy and joy, especially for those living with dementia. The simple truth is, pets make us happier." Pets as Therapy

Are you wondering how all this happens? Well, the magic is in the pet-human interaction. The simple act of petting or spending time with these animals triggers the release of serotonin and dopamine in our brains. These 'happy hormones' contribute to an uplifted mood and a sense of well-being.

Keeping Active

Our Pet Therapy sessions also serve as a fun, gentle form of exercise. As an addition to the Magic Moments Activities, they help to keep our residents moving and their joints, shall we say, 'grooving' – an enjoyable way to maintain physical health and engagement.

A Boost to the Brain

Then there's the cognitive boost that comes with pet interaction. Engaging with our furry friends stimulates cognitive functions and memory. This can be especially significant for residents experiencing memory loss or cognitive decline, like those with Alzheimer’s. A purr or a wagging tail can trigger cherished memories, bringing a comforting sense of familiarity and grounding.

Starting the Conversation

Pet therapy also creates a safe space for our residents to practice their communication skills. It's a judgment-free zone where conversations are sparked naturally, fostering a sense of community, and strengthening bonds among residents.

A Friend and Companion

One aspect of pet therapy that tugs at our heartstrings is the companionship it offers. Our furry friends become loyal companions, alleviating feelings of loneliness and isolation. They offer a connection to the world, a sense of unconditional love that makes our residents feel more anchored and less lonely.

Purpose and Responsibility

And let's not forget the sense of purpose and responsibility that comes from caring for these animals, even if briefly. It's a chance for our residents to feel needed, fostering a glow of fulfilment and happiness.


In conclusion, pet therapy is a truly magical part of our Magic Moments Activities Programme that significantly enhances life at brighterkind. From countering loneliness to improving physical health and mental functions, our cuddly companions bring an abundance of joy, warmth, and laughter into our hearts and homes.

brighterkind has care homes throughout England, Scotland and Jersey and is consistently featured in’s ‘Top 20 Most Recommended Care Home Groups by Families and Residents’; click here to find a home near you.

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