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brighterkind and the Coronavirus outbreak

brighterkind and the Coronavirus outbreak

Temporary restrictions on visits

The welfare and safety of our residents and colleagues is always our priority. The recent outbreak of coronavirus has heightened the need to take more steps to protect everyone in our homes.

As such, and following a review of the latest public health information, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all visits to our care homes, including those from relatives and friends.  The only exceptions will be for essential medical visits or for exceptional circumstances agreed in advance with the Home Manager.

We have not taken this decision lightly as we know how contact with loved ones is an important factor in the lives of our residents.  However, we understand the severity of coronavirus and the impact that a significant outbreak could have for those in our care.  We are treating this with the greatest seriousness and are taking these additional measures to shield our residents as much as possible.

We appreciate these restrictions are difficult but we ask for your support in following them. 

Helping residents and family stay close

These are extraordinary times and we have tried to introduce as many accessible and easy ways to communicate as possible to help keep our residents feeling cheery and connected with families, friends and the wider community. Never has there been a better time to introduce our older generation to technology and our younger generation to traditional letter writing to keep in touch with one another. Our teams are always on hand to assist with telephone and video calls as well as emails and letters to help our residents stay in touch with their loved ones. Ask the Home Manager if you wish to join the homes group Facebook community.

Keeping residents connected within the home

Socialisation continues to be an important aspect of daily life. Our teams are dedicated to providing our residents with as much social interaction and entertainment as possible. However, we are taking  measures and limiting the number of people in the dining rooms or lounges at the same time and creating more, smaller dining spaces. Activities are still taking place but at all times being mindful of social distancing where possible. Whilst the weather is nice we are also encouraging residents and the team to go outside and have some fresh air.

Moving into our care home

If you are looking for care for your loved ones during this period of isolation, we can still help. Although we have restricted access to our homes we feel it’s even more important to provide those looking for care, the opportunity to find out more about us. With this in mind we are scheduling calls with our Home Managers instead of face-to-face show rounds in our homes so we can give you all the information you need. We can answer your questions about availability, the type of care required, the assessment process, our coronavirus strategy, the types of activities still on offer, our food & dining offer, fees, how we can make the move into a new home easy and much, much more. We are keen to support and reassure you in what is a challenging time, so please feel free to arrange a call with our Home Manager and let us help you find the right care for your loved ones.

Commonly asked questions

We appreciate at a time of uncertainty many family members are seeking further information and reassurance about how we are caring for their loved ones and how COVID-19 is affecting life in our homes. We have collated some commonly asked questions here that you may find useful. But please do not hesitate in contacting the home directly or emailing the should you have any further queries.

We want to thank all those in our care, their relatives and friends for their continued support at this time and to recognise and thank all our colleagues for their passion and commitment in delivering care in such difficult circumstances.  We know they have the knowledge, skills and resources to minimise the risk that coronavirus presents.

As this is a fast developing situation, we will continue to monitor all government advice and update our approach in accordance with the latest recommendations and keep our teams, residents and their families fully informed. 

Please do check this page regularly as it will be updated to reflect any development or change to our guidance.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Home Manager or email