A wildflower thank you

Hungerford Care Home in Hungerford Newtown thanking the community

The residents of Hungerford Care Home thanked the community with wildflowers as an act to spread kindness.

Recently, our residents have been busy planting wildflower seeds into pots. As many of our residents love gardening, they were extremely excited about doing this activity. It was fantastic to see them enjoying putting their green fingers to good use. As the wildflowers were being distributed to the local community, our residents put a lot of care into the pots to make them extra special.

Our resident, Winnie commented: “This is a really lovely idea and it was a lot of fun!”

Once all the seeds were potted, Sarah and Hari from our Magic Moments Club went into the town and was kindly allowed to set up a table between the One Stop Shop and Hungerford Primary School.

This was the perfect location to give the wildflowers out to our community members. Our seeds were hugely popular with people collecting the children from school. They thought it was a great idea and they were very appreciative.

It was fantastic to see how excited the school children were about the idea of growing the flowers in their gardens. We had one person who kindly said it should be the other way around, and that they should be thanking us, so that was really lovely to hear!

Hari from our Magic Moments Club stated: “To see so many residents engaging in such a meaningful activity was lovely.”

We are elated our wildflowers were well received and it was a very lovely community event.  

At Hungerford Care Home we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we’re passionate about creating vibrant, stimulating activities that will help our residents to love every day. We call them ‘Magic Moments’.

Every brighterkind home now has a Magic Moments Club which provides a vast range of activities and fun things to do that are open to all of our residents.

The idea behind Magic Moments is that just because someone moves into a care home doesn't mean that the things they love doing should suddenly stop – quite the contrary, we believe our residents should have the opportunity to love every day, by doing the things that they have always loved as well as trying new things along the way.

Hungerford Care Home is located in Hungerford Newtown, Berkshire and provides nursing caredementia carepalliative care and respite care.

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