Cossins House Care Home says ‘cheers’ for Nutrition and Hydration Week

Cossins House Care Home say ‘cheers’ for Nutrition and Hydration Week

brighterkind’s Cossins House Care Home in Cobham have recently enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of food, drinks and music for Nutrition and Hydration Week.

Nutrition and Hydration week is an annual event with a shared objective to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally. The theme this year is ‘Reinforce, Focus and Energise’.

We place a big focus in our homes to ensuring residents get all the food and drink they need to stay healthy and happy. This week we partnered with Tetley who supplied us with lots of lovely teas for residents to sample.

Lisa, Magic Moments Coordinator made cocktails and mojitos for the residents and as well as lovely fresh fruit. We had invited entertainer Terry Gleed to come and enjoy their Hydration afternoon and perform to them all with songs they love.

Lisa said, “Everyone at Cossins House said this was the best performance they had seen so far and can’t wait for Terry to visit again! Everyone was singing, dancing and very refreshed with lots of lovely cocktails, teas and fresh fruit.”

At Cossins House Care Home we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we’re passionate about creating vibrant, stimulating activities that will help our residents to love every day. We call them ‘Magic Moments’.

Every brighterkind home now has a Magic Moments Club which provides a vast range of activities and fun things to do that are open to all of our residents. The idea behind Magic Moments is that just because someone moves into a care home doesn't mean that the things they love doing should suddenly stop – quite the contrary, we believe our residents should have the opportunity to love every day, by doing the things that they have always loved as well as trying new things along the way.

Cossins House Care Home is located in Cobham, Surrey, and provides palliative careresidential care and respite care.



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