Henleigh Hall put fabulous into fiesta for Jean

Henleigh Hall in Beauchief near Sheffield bring Fiesta to residents

brighterkind Wishing Wells is a programme that aims to fulfil the (sometimes lifelong) wishes of our care home residents. 


Resident Jean from Henleigh Hall has travelled far and wide in her life. The one place she has never visited is Mexico. Although she wasn't able to visit Mexico, the team decided to bring Mexico to Henleigh Hall and really bring her dream come to life. Embracing the theme fully, the team dressed up, danced and played Mexican inspired music and even created homemade 'Day of the Dead' biscuits. Residents were offered maracas to help create a vibrant atmosphere.  

Three gents from the home: Steve, Wayne and Miston did a Mexican Hat Dance. They certainly looked the part!

Although nothing beats visiting the place itself, Jean felt that all in all, including the homemade pinata (which got thoroughly bashed) that she'd really had a great time. 

At Henleigh Hall Care Home, we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we’re passionate about creating vibrant, stimulating activities that will help our residents to love every day. We call them ‘Magic Moments’.

Every brighterkind care home now has a Magic Moments Club which provides a vast range of activities and fun things to do that are open to all of our residents. The idea behind Magic Moments is that just because someone moves into a care home doesn't mean that the things they love doing should suddenly stop – quite the contrary, we believe our residents should have the opportunity to love every day, by doing the things that they have always loved as well as trying new things along the way.

Henleigh Hall Care Home is located in Beauchief, Sheffield, and provides nursing carepalliative care and respite care.

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