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Getting creative at The Granby

The Granby Care Home in Harrogate, NAPA

As NAPA Day of the Arts approaches The Granby Care Home look back on all the exciting and creative activities they've done during lockdown and how it benefited everyone in the home. 

By doing weekly arts and crafts activities, it has helped to keep our residents’ spirits high during these challenging time. Over the past few months, we have tried many different creative activities and many of our resident have come to realise, they haven’t lost their talent for crafts they used to do many years ago. Also, some of our residents who don’t usually like to get involved with creative activities decided to try something new and ended up loving our arts and crafts sessions.

Not only have these activities been great for our residents, but it’s been fantastic for our team too!

Team member Lydia said, “We get great enjoyment out of making each day different for our residents and ensuring all our activities are lots of fun! We take great privilege in our jobs and every day we go home with a big smile on our faces and warm feeling in our hearts.”

Doing arts has made our home brighter and there’s a great creative buzz here at The Granby. Not only are the activities great for everyone here, but it’s also fantastic that share photos with our residents' loved ones so they can be rest assured that our residents and happy and having a great time. 

Some of our most popular recent activities were making volcanoes, clay making, creating jewellery and making art for the Olympics! It’s clear to say we’re a creative bunch and we’re looking forward to lots of other fun arts and crafts activities!

The Granby Care Home is located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and provides residential carenursing care and respite care.

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