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International Peace Day

The Granby Care Home in Harrogate, International Peace Day

Residents of The Granby Care Home enjoyed a tranquil activity for International Peace Day.

Our team members organised a fun creative activity to celebrate the day as our residents love being able to use their creative skills.

Our residents had a lovely time creating some peace logos, which we had a lot of fun colouring in and using tissue paper to decorate them. This is a great activity for our residents as colouring is a great way to relax. The logos ended up looking fantastic with all the lovey bright colours.

Our resident Dorothy said, “I haven’t coloured in since I was a kid, I had such a great fun!”

We also spoke about the importance of having peace in your life and we read some insightful articles on this topic. They made some great points, one being that if you have peace in your life it makes it easier to connect with other people and be supportive of one and another.

The Granby Care Home is located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and provides residential carenursing care and respite care.

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