Gerda’s trip down memory lane to Denmark

The Lawns Care Home, Oadby-Gerda looking through the scrapbook that Magic Moments Club Coordinator Jackie made for her

“Seeing Gerda’s reactions when she saw her home town again was priceless”

The Magic Moments Club team at The Lawns Care Home were delighted to take their resident Gerda on a trip down memory lane to her hometown of Randers in Denmark recently.

Gerda was born and grew up in Randers and hasn’t been back there for many years. She had been telling us how many happy memories she has of the place so we decided to bring a little bit of Denmark to Leicestershire to make Gerda’s day.

We hung Danish flags up in our lounge and invited Gerda and her fellow residents to take a seat for a very special show on our big screen. Gerda couldn’t believe it when we played a slideshow of photographs taken in Randers including the church she married in. She was soon naming all the landmarks and telling everyone all about the beautiful city she remembers so well.

We rounded off our afternoon of memories with a documentary about Denmark and its culture and people, accompanied by afternoon tea – with Danish pastries of course!

Magic Moments Club Coordinator Jackie presented Gerda with a scrapbook of photographs and information about Randers that she had made and handed her a large Danish flag which now takes pride of place in her room.

Gerda said “I had a marvellous afternoon. I have been to all those places that I saw and it was wonderful to see the church that I got married in again.”

Jackie said “Seeing Gerda’s reactions when she saw her home town again was priceless, she recognised every photograph, and was smiling from start to finish. So many of our residents commented on what a lovely afternoon it was and how much they enjoyed it.”

At The Lawns Care Home we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we’re passionate about creating vibrant, stimulating activities that will help our residents to love every day. We call them ‘Magic Moments’.

Every brighterkind home now has a Magic Moments Club which provides a vast range of activities and fun things to do that are open to all of our residents. The idea behind Magic Moments is that just because someone moves into a care home doesn't mean that the things they love doing should suddenly stop – quite the contrary, we believe our residents should have the opportunity to love every day, by doing the things that they have always loved as well as trying new things along the way.

The Lawns Care Home is located in Oadby, Leicestershire, and provides residential care and respite care.

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