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Our cracking little visitors!

Woodbury House Care Home in Swallowfield adopt ducklings

Residents at Woodbury House Care Home had some cracking visitors staying with them over the past few days, inspired by their trip to the duck park.

Woodbury House residents are animal lovers of all kinds. After our one-day adventure with adult ducks, we decided to get some ducklings!

On a very exciting morning last week five eggs arrived, we left them in their incubator where they were preparing to hatch. They were very excited to see us and just the next day all five were with us. Of course, we had to give them some names so we agreed on; Poppet, Potter, Bell, Phoenix and Eden.

Along with the ducklings, the sun and great joy came to our house. The residents loved to spend time with them, hug and enjoy when they swimming in the pool. They grew incredibly fast!

In addition to pleasure, there were also obligations that everyone willingly gave in to, although they were not the most pleasant, such as cleaning the cage. Everyone made sure our ducklings were never hungry or thirsty, they were very well cared for. Admired by residents, family members and team members, they received a lot of interest and love.

Our wonderful residents excited to share our ducklings with the local community so they decided to organie an educational event for their little friends from primary school in Farley Hill. The kids came eagerly and were delighted with the new residents of Woodbury House. They asked many questions and their curiosity was endless. As soon as they knew, our residents answered questions with the support of team members. Students learned about the body structure of ducklings, their life cycle and finally they could show their artistic skills and draw a portrait of our ducklings looking for support and residents. Our residents were delighted to connect with the children, kisses and hugs were given out in all directions and everyone was happy.

Unfortunately, the ducklings could not stay with us forever and one morning we had to wave goodbye as they went to the farm, where their family was waiting for them. It was an unforgettable and wonderful event that will remain in our memory forever, we will miss our little duckling friends.

Our Magic Moments Club coordinator, Anna Walus, said “Looking at the smile on our residents' faces and their joy while interacting with the ducklings was worth pure gold. Five ducklings brought a lot of life, joy and love to our home and watching their development for all of us was an unforgettable experience!”

Our Home Manager, Samantha Bell, said “We were very fortunate to have and the opportunity to watch 5 ducklings hatch and take care of them alongside our localy primary school, Farley Hill. We made this an educational event that both the school and residents throughly enjoyed participating in. As a care home we are very lucky to have a school so near to us that allow us to partake in so many of their events.”

Resident, Ken, said “This experience was the greatest thing that has ever happened in this house. And the kids? They were wonderful and brought us a lot of smile.”

Resident, Reg, said “Aren't they cute?”

Resident, Joyce, said “I love all animals and I love our ducklings. I spend a wonderful time with them and they make me happy”.

At Woodbury House we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we’re passionate about creating vibrant, stimulating activities that will help our residents to love every day. We call them ‘Magic Moments’.

Every brighterkind home now has a Magic Moments Club which provides a vast range of activities and fun things to do that are open to all of our residents.

The idea behind Magic Moments is that just because someone moves into a care home doesn't mean that the things they love doing should suddenly stop – quite the contrary, we believe our residents should have the opportunity to love every day, by doing the things that they have always loved as well as trying new things along the way.

Woodbury House Care Home is located in Swallowfield, Berkshire and provides ​residential carenursing caredementia carepalliative care and respite care.