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Postcard Pals - Helping to create connections and friendships between our homes

Postcard Pals Hello

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched a Postcard Pals initiative to encourage local groups to send in pictures and letters to our residents. This proved very popular and residents thoroughly enjoyed receiving post from local school children, scout groups and others in our community.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction from our residents, we have now extended this lovely initiative to be an 'inter-home Postcard Pals activity and many of our homes have now received ‘Hello’ postcards for those residents who wish to, to write to other care homes within our brighterkind and Four Seasons family.  The hope is that we discover the possibility of creating new friendships between residents and find shared interests and connections to local places. 

We have seen some wonderful examples of our homes embracing this initiative. One of those homes is the Granby Rose Care Home. The residents were keen to get involved and thought it would be nice to start writing postcards to their sister homes for residents who don’t have family.

"Lots of our residents thought this was a lovely idea and with a little bit of help they wrote their post cards. We thought it would be nice to help those in similar situations that don’t have their lovely wives, husbands, children, grandchildren and other family members to keep their spirits high during this time. 

We also received some postcards for the residents we have at the home who don’t have family. It’s all gone down a real treat… the old fashioned way! When I asked my lovely team of helpers how we start writing a post cards, every single one of them said we should tell them how the weather is where we are – a very popular topic!!" commented the Activities Coordinator at the home. 

     The Granby Rose   

Residents at Westroyd House Care Home, were thrilled to receive their latest postcards from their pals over at brighterkind's The Lawns Care Home.

"Everyone loved hearing about how their friends were getting on and what fun activities they had been up to. Our residents are in the process of writing their postcards to send back. We cannot wait to tell our friends at The Lawns about all the exciting activities we have been doing here.

Thank you to The Lawns Care Home for your fantastic postcards!" Activities Coordinator 

Westroyd House Care Home    The Granby Rose


Homes will also be writing to those who sent in post to us in March to say thank you and to maintain the connection between us and the community groups.

We’ll keep you posted on this activity!

See more about our Postcard Pals initiative HERE