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Having a ball at the new Sport Workshops

Club Sport

As part of our new Magic Moments Sporting Programme, brighterkind team members are attending workshops, which have been designed in partnership with Oomph! Wellness and key National sports governing bodies. The aim is to make exercise as engaging as possible, to encourage as many less active or able people as possible to take up physical activity and try something new - or rediscover lost passions.

Residents will soon be able to play Clock Cricket, Slipper Soccer and Armchair Volleyball - sports especially adapted to fit the needs and abilities of our residents, with the new content ensuring that exercise sessions are continually fresh and exciting.

Here’s a quick low-down of these sports:

Clock Cricket

Developed by the English Cricket Board and led by Hertfordshire Cricket, Clock Cricket takes the principles of cricket and makes it accessible to people with mobility challenges, developing participants’ balance, hand-eye coordination and upper body coordination and strength. Using a bat and ball, it’s a team sport with a points-based system - a highly social activity with a focus on promoting team spirit!

Armchair Volleyball –

An adaptation of Volleyball England’s Sitting Volleyball, players are seated on chairs and use an inflatable ball or balloon and bunting ‘net’ to reduce risk of injury.  Using the same rules as Volleyball, but without court boundaries, this game requires a lot of communication between players, and has great effects on upper body flexibility and strength!

For players who have difficulty with over arm movements, the workshop incorporates skills and equipment to adapt the movement to ensure sessions are fully inclusive. And, for any extra competitive participants, trained staff will be able to set up Seated Volleyball tournaments to find the ultimate Volleyball champions!

Slipper Soccer –

Developed in partnership with Age Concern’s Older Men’s Network, this multi-player sport is aimed at developing lower body strength and balance, in addition to improving coordination. It has multiple drills and games, such as Passing Practice and Penalty Shoot Outs which all contribute towards a Slipper Soccer Match, making it very versatile!

Unlike traditional football participants are seated, with Slipper Soccer designed as a reminiscence activity, ideally involving discussions of news articles and player photos from past decades. In this way Slipper soccer also has proven social and mental benefits, alongside the improved mobility and confidence, and reduced joint pain.

These workshops are upskilling brighterkind team members, so that they are not only able to deliver sessions safely, but integrate these sports – all whilst adapting them to the varying needs and abilities of the participants. By also understanding the benefits of the sport for older people, our team members have also learnt how to encourage participation and create competitions, bringing a whole new dimension to seated exercise. 

Furthermore, the training provides inspiration for how to embed the sport into the overall wellbeing programme - suggesting ideas such as craft activities to create supporters’ scarfs and kits - to foster whole-home engagement beyond the exercise sessions themselves and showing what the Magic Moments are all about. We can’t wait for residents to get involved and start enjoying the variety of games on offer!