National Best Friend Day!

Woodbury House Care Home in Swallowfield celebrate national best friend day

The residents at Woodbury House Care Home recently celebrated National Best Friend Day by writing letters to our friends.

We thought it would be nice to start our celebrations off with some exercises with the best, friendly music we could find and we all had a great time. We then took some time to remember our friends, we spent time talking about them and all the fun things we have done. This was such a lovely thing to do and we all loved reminscing on the friendships we have had.

The most important point of the day for us was writing a letter to our friends at Farley Hill Primary School and thanking them for all the support we received from them during this time. This is the letter that we wrote;

‘We are very grateful for all your colorful and beautiful drawings, many beautiful words in the letters and even better pictures. Every picture, every word is extremely valuable to us and we keep coming back to them all the time.

Today we celebrate National Best Friends Day and we would like to thank you for everything! For each of our meetings, those that are behind us and all those that will come. For the beautiful and colorful bunting on VE Day, which made us smile. Thank you and we hope that we will be able to meet again soon.

We send a multitude of kisses, smiles, hugs and love.

Stay safe, our friends!

Thank you!’

We are so grateful to all our friends of Woodbury House who have continued to support us during this time.

Resident, Val, “All the pictures that the primary children sent were beautiful, I'm glad that I can give a few words of thanks.”

Team member Anna, said “It's important to keep in touch with the community, and writing a letter to our lovely friends has brought a lot of joy to the resident. We can't wait to her back from them.”

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