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brighterkind summer festivals
8 September 2022
“Gorgeous weather, cool ice cream, dancing & singing with our loved ones and a cheeky cocktail – just a perfect day!”  Wow, what a more
23 August 2022
brighterkind are delighted to announce that it has been awarded a ‘Top 20 Large Care Home Group 2022’ award by leading care home review more
18 August 2022
“Say cheese…” a click and a flash… a special moment has been captured. This year, to celebrate World Photography Day, we have launched a brand more
brighterkind Care Homes, Bees
10 July 2022
At this time of year these clever creatures are already looking for food and shelter to make a home for the coming months. Join us in helping more
Benefits of Music
24 June 2022
Music is a creative outlet that has the power to bring people together and improve health and wellbeing. If you have worked in the care sector more
Best Friends
20 May 2022
What are friends? Best friends are some of the most important people in our lives; in celebration of Best Friends Day we are remembering more