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our home manager at Henleigh Hall

Meet our Home Manager

The best in the businessLindsey Deignan

All our brighterkind Home Managers are highly qualified and extremely experienced. At Henleigh Hall Care Home we have one of the best in the business.

Why did you decide to join brighterkind?

I have worked at Henleigh Hall since we opened in June 1995, as the registered manager since June 1998 and feel that Henleigh belongs very much to my team and me. brighterkind came along at the perfect time for us and it has been so exciting and rewarding to be part of this adventure together.

What one thing do you enjoy most about your job?

The variety, my role changes every day and there is always something new to learn and develop.

What are your interests outside of work?

I  have a love of sport - mainly watching, I hasten to add - especially cricket and rugby. I always have a book on the go and read an average of 2 books per week. I love being with my family and friends and enjoy having fun.

Are you a nurse?

I am a registered nurse, I qualified in 1988.

Why did you get into nursing?

Literally because at 16 I was not wholly sure what I wanted to do, one of my best friends had enrolled on the pre-nursing course and I went along- she did not and went to work in an estate agents! In between the course finishing and being 18, I worked in a care home and loved it which ultimately secured my future as a nurse.

Key qualifications and experience:

Registered General Nurse

Registered Managers Award

Variety of teaching certificates including Cert Ed

What was a defining moment for you?

Deciding to leave the NHS after 10 years and choosing to work in the independent sector, I’ve never looked back.

Experience - what is your background?

I did my pre-nursing course in Hull and moved to the Sheffield School of Nursing in May 1985. I worked on the stroke unit at Netheredge Hospital until it closed its doors in 1995 and chose to move to help commission Henleigh.

I am passionate about...

Lots of things, my family and friends and Henleigh Hall and all that entails.

What is your biggest achievement?

This takes a lot of thinking about, possibly maturing and trying to be level-headed and calm in any life situation, personal or at work.

My favourite brighterkind value is from keep it simple, do it from the heart, make every moment matter, sort it and choose to be happy is...

Although I endorse them all, I think choose to be happy, no one wants to see a miserable face, someone that’s grumpy, we need a positive attitude and you can only have that by choosing to be happy.

Contact details

To contact our home manager, Lindsey Deignan, call 0114 205 0414. 

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