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Annie HallMeet our Home Manager

The best in the business

All our brighterkind Home Managers are highly qualified and extremely experienced. At Highfields Care Home we have one of the best in the business.

Name of Home Manager

Jacqueline 'Annie' Hall

Why did you decide to join brighterkind?

I joined brighterkind because of the company’s genuine commitment to its values in terms of both residents and team members.

What one thing do you enjoy most about your job?

The wonderful atmosphere that happens spontaneously when our residents, visitors and team are all enjoying being in our home, smiles and laughter throughout.

Key qualifications and experience

BSc (Hons) Human Psychology

PTTLs (Level 4)

End of Life (level 2)

Leadership (level 2)

Care Home Team Leader

Health & Social Care Trainer

Care Home  Deputy Manager

What was a defining moment for you?

I was granted contracts with Argyll & Bute Social Services to work with the elderly on the Isle of Mull. I had previously seen one client in the local co-op on numerous occasions but had not given her much thought as I went about my shopping.

From our very first session together, I found that she was incredibly interesting to talk to, still liked to have fun and still had the same hopes and fears as everyone else. I didn’t realise until that moment that I had held false assumptions about the elderly and was guilty of not truly ‘seeing’ them.  

After talking with my friends and colleagues it became apparent that generally, the elderly have become almost invisible in terms of their value to society and their needs, hopes and fears. This realisation caused a massive shift in my perception and became the drive behind my passionate commitment to person centred care values.

Experience – what is your background?

Research Officer (Probation Service)

General Manager (family business)

Proprietor (complementary health business)

Proprietor (self catering business)

I am passionate about…

The well being of our residents and our team members.

Do you have any hobbies?

Horse riding and walking the dog.

What do you feel is your biggest achievement?

My children telling me they had a fantastic childhood. As a single parent there is always a concern that your children are missing out. My children grew up on a beautiful Scottish Island as part of a close knit community and feel they had the most wonderful time.

My favourite brighterkind value from our five values of  Keep it simple, Do it from the heart, Make every moment matter, Sort it and Choose to be happy, is...

It is very hard to choose but If I have to choose one it is ‘Do it from the heart’.


If you are putting your heart into whatever you are doing, everyone around you feels it, it can lift spirits and motivate others to do the same. It also makes you feel good as you know you are giving of your best no matter how big or small the action you are doing.

Contact details

To contact our home manager, Annie Hall, call 01623 882 441 or email annie.hall@brighterkind.com.

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