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food and dining at Hungerford

brighterkind Food and Dining

At Hungerford, we love our food

We firmly believe that when you eat well, you live well too. This is a core part of our brighterkind philosophy of care, centering on good nutrition and the importance of mealtimes as a social occasion.

Our dining rooms are always set to restaurant standards, so residents need worry about nothing but enjoying the food.

Download a PDF of a typical daily menu.

Each day our chef prepares restaurant-style meals combining variety with a balanced diet and an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Our residents get involved in helping to plan our menus, too.

The dining rooms always become hubs of conversation and laughter, giving even our more frail residents a chance to come together and socialise. Whether it’s tea and cakes in the garden or a roast each Sunday, we encourage our residents to make the most of living in an active and friendly environment.

Of course, when, where and who you eat with is entirely up to you. Friends and family can join you as often as you’d like (at a small charge), and our extras menu gives you the option to order snacks at any time of the day. We also have a kitchenette where residents can bake cakes or make a snack.

Special requirements

If you have any special dietary requirements or preferences, please let us know on arrival. We are happy to cater to your needs and wishes, however complex.

Find out more about our dining facilities.


Is alcohol served with meals?

No, not routinely. But some residents do have their own sherry which they enjoy at their leisure. We always have a choice of hot and cold beverages available including tea, coffee, hot chocolate and fruit juices.

What provisions are made for residents’ birthdays?

We always try to celebrate residents’ birthdays, if they want to. If it’s in the summer we might have a barbeque or a garden party, and each resident receives a homemade birthday cake. If relatives would like to reserve an area for a special birthday event, just let us know and this can be arranged.

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