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recreation and activity

magic moments

At brighterkind we believe in living life to the full. That’s why we do our utmost to ensure that our residents have access to a varied programme of activities to deliver the Magic Moments that will help them love every day.

Our Magic Moments programme also aims to encourage well-being by concentrating in equal measure on the mind, through mental agility; the body, through fitness and mobility; and the soul, through entertainment and personal interests, continued learning and emotional engagement.



Residents' choice

Right from the beginning we try to get an understanding of our residents, finding out about their life story and getting to know the things they would really like to do via our Wishing Well Programme so that we can help to make their wishes a reality. Each resident will have a monthly engagement review to understand how things are going and to agree any changes and improvements that are required. Our regular residents’ meetings and annual feedback forms ensure that we’re always offering activities and trips that appeal to everyone. While we do encourage residents to take part and to try new activities, there’s no obligation to get involved, and you’re always welcome to spend your time just as you wish and continue with traditional activities.



We have been developing the Magic Moments programme with the support of Oomph!, an award-winning social enterprise and the UK’s largest provider of fun, inclusive and effective exercise and activity programmes for older adults.

Oomph! is dedicated to transforming the health and quality of life of older people through inclusive exercise and activity classes. These classes are proven to improve our residents’
physical mobility, social interaction and mental stimulation and are also great fun for everybody who takes part.


Proven benefits

During a trial period in 15 of our homes, brighterkind residents who have participated in the recreational activities and exercise classes gave them a resounding endorsement, with 95% saying the sessions had a positive impact on their health and all respondents saying they made them feel happy. While 80% of staff said they saw a significant improvement in social interaction amongst residents. Residents were surveyed about their health and quality of life, using a widely recognised standardised instrument for measuring health outcomes. Those that took part in regular sessions saw a 13% improvement over three months. Over the same period, regular participants achieved a 20% increase in grip strength.

In the pink

All brighterkind homes have Activities team members who are there to provide a comprehensive activity programme that will be loved by residents and their families.
Our Activities team can always be spotted because of their pink uniforms and the fact that they are always having fun!