personal and quality care at Ross Court

personal and quality care

Your plan, our action

When you arrive at Ross Court, we will work with you to develop a personalised care plan that will include everything from your hobbies, exercise, and dietary preferences, to any health issues you might have. It will determine the level and type of care you receive. This can vary from minimal residential care to full support.

It’s in the details

Our care plans are highly detailed – meaning relatives have the option to see how their loved ones have been on any particular day. Just ask the Home Manager or one of our carers for more information.

Don’t worry, if your needs or preferences change, we’ll change your care plan too.

We never ask people to leave Ross Court, unless they need a level of care we can’t deliver. We have the support of the district nurses and the doctor and will do everything we can to keep residents here. This is your home and if you wish to, this is where you should remain. If residents need specialist treatment, they often go and have it and then come back to Ross Court. 

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