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personal and quality care at The Granby Care Home

personal and quality care

Your plan, our action

When you arrive at The Granby, we will work with you to develop a personalised care plan that will include everything from your hobbies, exercise, and dietary preferences, to any health issues you might have. It will determine the level and type of care you receive. This can vary from minimal residential care in your own home to full support here at The Granby.

What happens if my care needs change?

Don’t worry, if your needs or preferences change, we’ll change your care plan too. Care plans are monitored on a daily basis and reviewed monthly. Changes are also made if there are significant changes to a resident’s condition.

We try to avoid moving residents from their rooms if possible. However, if a resident’s care needs change – for example, a residential care resident began to need nursing care – it might be necessary to move a resident to a room in the nursing suite.

Unfortunately, we are not a specialised mental health care home. Should a resident require a level of care we are unable to provide, we will discuss and help you find the right specialised care facilities.

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