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our home manager at Uplands

Meet our Home Manager

The best in the businessour home manager

All our brighterkind Home Managers are highly qualified and extremely experienced. At Uplands Care Home we have one of the best in the business.

Name of Home Manager

Ololade Nadi

Why did you decide to join brighterkind?

My home was a Four Seasons home before it became brighterkind and I liked the new approach to care.

What one thing do you enjoy most about your job?

Having a positive impact on peoples lives.

Are you a nurse?


Why did you get into nursing?

Because I love caring for people.

Key qualifications and experience:

Dementia Care Mapper

What was a defining moment for you?

The transition from Four Seasons Health Care to brighterkind.

Experience – what is your background?

I am a registered nurse with 35 years experience.

Overseas I am a qualified midwife.

I am passionate about…

Caring and teaching.

Do you have any hobbies?

Sports - I am an ex volley player, I used to play for the state team.

My favourite brighterkind value from our five values of  Keep it simple, Do it from the heart, Make every moment matter, Sort it and Choose to be happy, is...

Do it from the heart.

Contact details

To contact our home manager, Ololade Nadi, call 020 8108 2658.

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